We are toward the end of June, the halfway mark of 2012.

What have we done to so far this year?

At the beginning of every year before January 1st roll by, we all sit down and make our New Year resolution. Some people take it serious, while others make a joke about it but in all serious have you kept up with your New Year resolution or have you forgotten about it? Don’t feel bad majority of people either forget or give up on it. I’m one of those people I forget what promises I made on December 31st but then again I always take it as a joke. I never like to use that term or wait till January 1st to start new in my life. If you really wanted to start new or change something you do it ASAP anytime, any month, any day.

Okay I don’t use New Year resolution, what do I use? I prefer to use goals and soon to make my dreams come true. If you have read some of my other blogs such as Monday is a new start, you will see I set up 3 different goals in order to lose weight my main goal, short-term goals and my mini goal. If you would like to read Monday is a new start, click here -> https://liljomarie.wordpress.com/2012/06/11/monday-is-a-new-start/. I love to set my goals, it helps me to stay on focus in my upside down life and I make many of them and no it not chaotic :-). I honestly think goals can be set up anytime time and about anything you want it to be, you don’t have to wait for the New Year to start on what need to be change, you can start it right now!!!  What perfect about setting your goals, if we forget our goals or mess up it okay we all human, it not the end of the world. It a new experience or something has happen that derail you from reaching your goals, this is not to discourage you on setting your goals, its reality (you wouldn’t want me to sugar coat it?). Getting back, what great about it you can get right back to it and continue reaching those goals you laid out for yourself, it has happen to me so many times that I derails myself from my goals but I get back on it and once I reach my goals I feel extremely proud of myself even more so because I gotten derail and got back on it.

So are you ready to sit down and write down your goals, it only take a paper and pen to start. It pretty simple to start and you can start one goal (as time goes, you can add more goals). If you have already set a few of them, go and review them and see if you need to alter them or even bring the inspiration back to life. Just to give an example, I’ll add one of my goals and this goal is actually a new one:

Goal: To purchase our first home and save a down payment in 3 years


  • If we save $287 a month in 3 years we would have $10,000.
  • Increase and fix our credit score (MUST do research)
  • Pay down as much debt as we can (that way were not house broke and help with our credit)

Keep in mind that there will be challenges reaching your goals and possibly you might have to change or re-alter your goals to a new situation in front of you. Keep going and you never know how proud you will feel once you completed your goals, especially if it a challenging one. You will feel like you can do anything in the world even if you had to make a few changes.

**FYI, there will be goals that you might want to drop not because you can’t do it but something has come across and it okay, I had to change a lot of my goals and drop a few of them because I made those goals while I was single now as a wife and mother I have set new goals and I don’t feel bad for my old goals, I just made changes and still pursuing it. **

I do wish you the best of luck in completing your goals, and even though this post has the positive and negative, my purpose is not derailing you. It’s to actually prepare you on what to come and changes are okay.

♥♥ Would like to share your goals with me and other please leave a comment, I would love to hear about them and you never know if you encourage someone else with your goals such as ways to improve our planet. Also in the near future I would love to make a post dedicating other persons goals to encourage and even make a difference in our community or our little world (you never know, ☺). Hopefully by next week I will post what I need from you. ♥♥

Once again, I wish you the best!!!


5 thoughts on “We are toward the end of June, the halfway mark of 2012.

    • Thank you for taking the opportunity in reading this post and I’m very happy that you found it extremely useful. Please keep checking back, I have many plans around this topic and hopefully you will enjoy them too.

  1. I think you would really like the book Willpower by Roy F. Baumeister. Talks a lot about the science of why we achieve some goals and not others. I made more giant changes in the first few months of this year than I had the four years previous. For the first time in a long time, my goals are moving in the right direction, and I owe a lot of it to that book.

    • Hello, first of all thank you for stopping by and reading my little post, ☺. I will defiantly read the Willpower, I enjoy reading books that can help motivate or show new ways to reach my goals especially if there a pit falls. I’m glad that everything is working well for you and the goals that you set out for yourself is going great, even reading the comment I can feel that your happy. I would love it, if you can take into consideration being one of the people in highlighting their goals and how it made a difference in your life. If not I understand, if so next week I will post up what I need and I will inform you once I do. Thanks and Take care!

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