My Weekly Lifestyle: Weekly Report

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

This week I haven’t gain or lost. This is normal for me when my “best friend” comes to visit every month.


Monday 11/10/2014:


Tae-bo for 45 minutes


6:30am: Coffee and Beagle with butter

1:15pm: Bread Rolls

3:46pm: Rice, beans and chicken

8:33pm: Vanilla yogurt

8 Cups of water, slept for 7 hours, after my work out I felt great.


Tuesday 11/11/2014:


45 minutes of walking and rake the leaves


9:30am:  Bowl of corn pops and coffee

6:15pm: Chinese food

9 Cups of water, slept for 3 hours, I’m exhausted.


Wednesday 11/12/2014:


60 minutes of walking


9:30am: Coffee

12:45pm: Whole wheat bread with turkey and cheese sandwich

5:30pm: Rice, beans and grilled chicken

8 Cups of water, slept for 5 1/2 hours.


Thursday 11/13/14:


Didn’t have the time to exercise


2:45am: Coffee

11:15am: Sandwich made of turkey and cheese

7:00pm: Home Fries

10 cups of water and slept for 2 hours. Felt exhausted L.


Friday 11/14/2014:


45 minutes of Tea Bo


8:00am: Bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with almond milk.

2:00pm: 1 Slice of pizza

6:45: Bowl of fruits

10 cups of water and slept for 3 1/2 hours, after my workout I really felt exhausted.


Saturday 11/15/2014:


No exercise


10:15am: Coffee and Avena

4:00pm: Yellow rice with guandules (pigeon pea) and potato salad

6:15pm or 7:00pm: A piece of cake with ice cream

9 Cups of water and slept for 8 hours. Went to my beautiful cousin “2” birthday party!!!


Sunday 11/16/2014


I didn’t exercise hard but I was deep cleaning my apartment.  I did do certain exercise position (i.e squats, lounges, etc) to makeup of not doing a 45 minutes full body workout. Well I can say I did a little exercise, lol.


10:45am: Coffee, small pancake, boiled egg and banana.

1:45pm: Bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with almond milk.

5:45pm: Wendy’s pretzel burger meal (I know I shouldn’t but my “best friend” came and I crave a burger).

8 Cups of water and slept for 9 hours.



Note to self:

After reviewing this week:

  • I still need to sleep 6-8 hours a day.
  • Take multi-vitamins and iron pills daily or make all natural shakes.
  • I need to eat every 4 hours, need to have a reminder alarm on my phone.
  • Find fun exercise activities do to with Emily during the cold weather.


Tip of the Week: 

When facing a change in your lifestyle, in the beginning it will be difficult. Especially when you add something new, unexpected and quick to your life it can be difficult to manage yourself and everything else around you. With this week tip, it is something extremely simple and it helps you stay on track.

When you manage and organize your household everything else falls into place.  Meaning when your household is clean, organized and your everyday responsibility are met, all the extra activities will fall into place. I’m not saying you need a perfect household but it easier for me to come home knowing I don’t need to spend so much of my time with the household task. With this knowledge I’m able to exercise, spend time with my munchkin and perform other activities in my list without the worries of my daily task (mind you, I still need to perform my daily task but I’m able to do them quickly and efficient).







Keep going,




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