My name is Jomarie , currently living in the Bronx, NY with my husband and our 2 year old daughter. Okay, the hard part is done..lol.. I’m really an easy going person who love to work hard, I have many thoughts running through my head and a need to express myself… I love to laugh, act like a fool, I also have my serious side when the time comes but for the most part I always have a smile on my face. I’m currently a house wife, who started my own business, Lil Jomie Creations…my daughter gave me the inspiration to take this scary step, seeing her enjoy life and watching her learn the basic has thought me not to be afraid to take that jump. We were never afraid at one point and as time pass us by the fear build up from who? where? when? we may never know the answer but it’s time to face my fears. I know that I can face any fear, any hardship  as long as I have my family and God I know that if I fail or pass, everything will be okay. Take care, and I hope you enjoy my little blog!!!


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