My Weekly Lifestyle: Weekly Report

Hello everyone,

Happy Tuesday!!! This week I decided to change things up a bit. Instead of posting my weekly lifestyle change on a Monday I decided to post this up today. Reason being I did another video which It’s posted on Lil’ Jomie Creations Youtube channel to kick start the journey. We are towards the end of January. So the question that I ask is have you started on your new lifestyle change and if you have, good for you keep on going. If not, what are you waiting for??? So I wanted to make this video easy to help you start off right. Want to watch the video scroll on down or click on the link. Don’t forget to follow for more great videos!

That’s enough chit- chat let’s get down to business, here is my weekly report.

Monday 01/12/2015:


Tae-bo for 45 minutes, 15 minutes of yoga, 50 Squats and 8,375 steps.


6:30am: Coffee and beagle with cream cheese

11:33am: Sandwich of wheat bread, turkey and cheese

5:46pm: Yellow rice and pieces of whole chicken

10:45pm: Hershey cookie and cream bar

2 Cups of water, slept for 6 hours, after my work out I felt exhausted.


Tuesday 01/13/2015:


Tae-bo for 45 minutes, 55 squats and 8,973 steps.


12:10pm: Mac and cheese with corn, green beans and spam

6:35pm: Vegetable rice and chicken

1 Cups of water, slept for 4 hours, I’m exhausted.


Wednesday 01/14/2015:


Tae-bo for 45 minutes, 60 squats and 5,235 steps.


10:35am: Bowl of honey bunches of oats and coffee

12:06pm: Sandwich of Italian bread, salami and cheese

5:30pm: Mash potatoes, corn, green beans and steak.

3 Cups of water, slept for 5 1/2 hours, hurt my knee during the workout.


Thursday 01/15/15:


I did not work out today; I had to rest my knee but I did 9,735 steps


2:15am: Coffee

11:15am: Bowl of honey bunches of oats

5:00pm: White rice, beans and ribs

2 cups of water and slept for 2 hours. Felt tired but my knee felt better as the day went on.


Friday 01/16/2015:


45 minutes of Tea Bo, 70 squats, 15 minutes of yoga and 4,401 steps


10:00am: Waffles and sausages

2:00pm: 2 Hot dogs

6:45pm: Yellow rice and chicken

2 cups of water and slept for 7 1/2 hours, after my workout I really felt exhausted.


Saturday 01/17/2015:


No exercise, only did 2,929 steps


10:15am: Coffee

6:00pm: Wendy’s

2 Cups of water and slept for 6 hours.


Sunday 01/17/2015


My knee was hurting me on this day only took 524 steps


10:45am: Coffee and small pancake.

2:45pm: Yogurt

5:45pm: Pasta, made with ground beef and Ragu sauce. On the side course is garlic bread and salad.

3 Cups of water and slept for 6 hours.



Note to self:

After reviewing this week:

  • I have to make sure I drink 8 glasses of water each day.
  • Take multi-vitamins and iron pills daily or make all natural shakes.
  • I need to eat every 4 hours,I need to have a reminder or alarm on my phone.
  • Need to plan meals, a week in advance.


Tip of the Week: 

Getting back into a workout routine is hard. The first and second week you will tumble but stick to it. By the third week it becomes easier and the fourth week you’re back to your old or new routine. Don’t get discouraged, I gain 10 pounds out of the 37 I lost. Am I upset? No. Why? Because, I enjoyed my holiday’s with great food and good company. Now, get up and do what you need to do to reach your goals.


To watch my video click on the link or copy and paste: Motivational tips to a healthier lifestyle:

Keep going!!