Gifts from the heart!



I hope everyone enjoy their holidays!!! I thought for my first post of the year 2015, is to share the creations I did for my family and friends Christmas gifts. If you follow me on facebook and/or Instagram you notice that I been sharing my DIY gifts, unfortunately I had to stop because some of my lovely friends and family follow me either one or both of these social media.


Now, that my family and friends has their goodies, let’s get started:


I made a few frames with quotes and added embellishment to the frame. I thought it will make a lovely home décor gift.






I made two different jewelry box with the same color and embellishment.





Save the best for last, my favorite DIY candle holder gifts.  I love how it came out, it look great with the tea light candle on and off. I especially love when the candle is on, it give off a peaceful- tranquility vibe in the room.


So here you have it, 3 ideas to make any time of the year gifts like birthdays, Christmas, valentines and so fourth.  These gifts didn’t take long to make, either way I love their reactions when they open their gifts. I hope you enjoy my creations.


***News: My youtube channel will be up soon if you would like to see any of these DIY gifts be made, leave a comment below.***


***2nd News: I will add these type of creations and embellishment (just incase you want to make your own) to my etsy shop, follow my facebook page to be informed when the items will be up.***


Thanks and if you do decide to create any of these DIY gifts, I would love to see them, use #JomieDIY .







Old in it’s Ideal as Time Itself

I sit here alone not wanting to breath or move…forcing my brain to take one step forward at a time. My body and mind cry out for the comfort of my bed…to wrap myself in the  comfort of my quilt with a false sense that its the only thing that won’t leave me or maybe that’s not false- who can say? my spirit wants to cry out – no- scream out “why are these things happening to me!?” all every girl wants is to feel loved and appreciated. At last, reality comes crashing down that life is not the fairy tale that I grew up believing it was or would turn out to be instead it’s the complete opposite. Are we lost as humans ? Is being in love just over rated? why does my soul yearn for LOVE? I understand now that there no such thing as love. I’m forced to walk this world forever tortured knowing that my spirit – as old in it’s ideals as time itself- will never experience such a thing as love.

By Jomarie Hernandez©

Edit by Tiffany Denny


Unsettle Dreams

I toss and turn, one unsettling dream after another. Every time I wake up my body longs for you to the point I go back and have my unsettling dreams once more because I know that is where I will find you. Yes, I prefer my unsettled dreams than to be awake knowing you are not there. My body aches to be pressed against yours, my lips burn to feel yours on mine, and my body and soul yearn to become one with yours. Alas, we can never be together or experience one another and so I will go back to my nightmares and unsettled dreams and hopefully one of them, just one, will be sweet.

By Jomarie Hernandez©

Edit by Tiffany Denny


Until We Meet

My soul cries out for my other half. I carry your heart in my hands and you carry my heart in yours.  I walk around looking for the owner of this heart like the prince looking for girl who fits the glass shoe. So many years of waiting and still holding your heart, I’m starting to grow weary now and desperately placing your heart onto others pretending, no, hoping, that it fits. But in the end I know its not their heart I’m holding and the one they have is not mine. I sit here holding it, caressing it, until we find each other; Until you arrive your heart is placed where mine should be.

By Jomarie Hernandez©

Edit by Tiffany Denny


Drip Drop

The world smells fresh and new…let it rain. The sky turns grey but the day looks promising. As I lay here I can’t help but wish for a warm body  to lay next to me. Let it rain. Drip drop..that’s all I hear. I can’t resist the urge of wanting a pair of arms to hold whisper something that makes me laugh…to chase away the dark clouds rolling by. Drip, drop. Your smell surrounds me leaving a sense of security that just overwhelms me. Drip, drop. But in a blink all that sensation is gone and all that I’m left with is loneliness… The smell of fresh flowers outside my window is reassurance that he’s coming soon.

By Jomarie Hernandez ©
Edit by Stephanie Taveras


Is it 2014, yet?


         It’s been awhile and now it’s the time that I feel it’s the right time to write. Yes, it cliche, new the year is finally here and I’m starting my blog once again.  As we say farewell to 2013, the year I was desperate to finish since the beginning of 2013. My family and I has been hit with a slump that seem to never end. I’m  hoping  confident that 2014 will be there year, not only for myself but  my family as well. As for my goals of 2013, my ideas and plan that I started will be reintroduce but there will be a few changes to them. Well with that said I would like to give a few my experiences, that will help make 2014 one of the best and productive year.

To start off,  I never like to begin my new year by saying my resolution, I prefer the term goals. Reason being if you happen to lose focus on your goals it easier to get back to it. Then stating you failed your resolution and now “I have to wait for 2015”. NO! you’re human you’re entitled to mess up or lose focus. What important it’s to get back to your goals. Keep in mind, things won’t go as you plan, situation will occur that will shake you to your core. That’s okay, and it’s okay if you need to change or alter goals. We grow daily by the influences and experience that we go through. By this your goals will change and that fine, it is healthy. Why keep a goal that will not benefit you needs?

** If you  are interested to read more on how I set my goals, click here. This will take you to an older post, my goals may have change but the way I set it up it’s still the same system.

Look back through the year of 2013, this will you setup your goals. Think what will you like to do, it can be to travel, get better grades, get a promotion and the list goes on.

All it take, is a paper and a pen to start.

All it take, is a paper and a pen to start.

Create a To Do list

        Now I don’t know about anyone, but the beginning of year I do my “spring cleaning”. I like to start my new year with a nice clean apartment, get rid of anything that will not be use or needed.  Unfortunately you can get overwhelm, so this year I decided to do a to do list. I create separate categories, each section of my  apartment is in a category (mind you, my apartment is clean but I haven’t done the “spring cleaning” of 2014). In each category I wrote down what need to be fix, what need to be deep clean,  what I don’t need  and what going to be place there. From there I will create a to do for my husband or super of the building, then once a week I will choose a part of the apartment that need to be deep clean or organize. Now from experience I will never get rid of anything that is useful, it may not be useful to me but it can be a blessing to another. Like I said 2013 was a rough year for us but I don’t think I want to change anything. It taught me to be humble and appreciate what I have. I take all of the belonging that not useful to me or my family and look for someone or donate. I do this because I know there’s someone out there who is going through worse than I am and this will be their blessing.

Organize yourself and your surrounding.

       2013 I was everywhere, I was disorganized, lost , confuse…I couldn’t keep up with anything and it was horrible, a total chaos. To start 2014 right I suggest to get a calendar, it can be any calendar that you will love. It can be really simple or with color coded and whole bunch of stuff. Only you will know what type of calendar/ organizer/planner that you want and that will WORK FOR YOU &/OR YOUR FAMILY!

The biggest advice that I should have taken for the 2013.

       In order to accomplish anything in life either starting your own business, get promote, finish school…you have to organize or fix yourself and/or your household…even if you live with someone.  It doesn’t mean that you will never go through something but you will be better prepared to handle the situation. When you have everything organize and a situation occurs within yourself and household your are capable to do anything and address the situation. This is also a stress reliever or can minimize the stress that will occur. this is a stress that can be avoid knowing that you have your house organize, yourself organize and your family organize. Keep in mind when something changes or a situation occur you better prepare to handle and alter what need to be alter.

I hope that this post will you  in someway or somehow to start off the new year right.

I won’t promise anything but I might post my goals for 2014, how I’m organizing myself and my family and among others stuff.

****Please note that what I have been writing is my personal view you can either change certain things to benefit yourself. Everyone is different, only you know what works for you and if you’re doing this for the first time trial and error will help you make the best schedule for yourself****

Till next time & Happy New Year!!!


Taking back my life. Even if my world is upside down, it will be an organized upside down world.

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been awhile since I posted my Monday, weekly workouts. It’s no surprise that I been derailed. Being that it’s the summer (BBQ’s, Birthdays, beaches, amusement parks, etc.), the everyday responsibilities (working, appointments, home cleaning, cooking, everyday essentials shopping, etc.) and the unfortunates emergency (hospitals, deaths, family crisis, etc.). It’s so easy to derail yourself from your goals.

One of my biggest problem and mainly the reason I haven’t sat down and scheduled my time (even if there has been an emergency). I was never like this not too long ago I would schedule, write everything down and I always been on point of everything. Unfortunate I let a little nasty depression turn my world upside down. Well not anymore, I’m taking back my life. Even if my world is upside down, it will be an organized upside down world…haha.

**First order of business, Monday weekly workout will be back on 7/8/13 with another post my family weekly workout. **

Instead of doing a Monday weekly workout today, I decided to dedicate this post on how I’m organizing myself (this would be the first of many but it will be posted on a different day, the day will be coming soon**) I know I have to schedule myself in order to reach my many goals, which one major goal is to lose weight and improve my health.  So here it goes my first step:

First, I’ve taken a piece of paper and pen and wrote down the days of the week. From there I wrote the daily routine of the week which is work schedule and hours, workout routine, Emily learning path, Joey work hours and schedule, cleaning, coupons, and church this is my week overview (photo shown below).

It take only a paper & a pen

I wanted to hang my week overview where either I or Joey can see. It’s great when I write my week in details on my planner. Now I wanted to make it look nice, so I made a template on excel, decorated it and color coded it for that particular person such as Emily is pink, I’m purple and Joey is blue. Now it’s hanging above my desk on a bulletin board (photo show below).

weekly overview Weekly overview

Last of scheduling myself, I write my weekly schedule on my planner (which I made). Keep in mind some is already pre-written in my planner. My planner consists of a monthly two page overview and a week on two pages. Everything that I write on my planner is color coded; I find it is easier to find what I’m looking for. My color code is red for bills, pink is for Emily, Purple is anything that pertains to me, Blue is Joey, Orange is Birthdays, Lavender is for Little Jomie Creations, my blog and youtube (photos are show below). I write everything else in pencil and black ink for important information that I don’t want to erase easily.

Planner Planner Planner

For an added note: I just wrote and overview for Lil Jomie Creations, this blog and youtube. All of my details and information in a separate binder but that is for another day, another post.

****Please note that what I have been writing is my personal view you can either change certain things to benefit yourself. Everyone is different, only you know what works for you and if you’re doing this for the first time trial and error will help you make the best schedule for yourself****


If you have any tips that you would like to share I would love to hear them, I’m open minded, I’m willing to try. I’m always looking for the best way to perfect my system (even though we know their is nothing perfect…hahaha but a system that will work for me and my loved ones).

Happy Scheduling,


Monday (Wednesday), Weekly Workout

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!!

A quick recap on the weekly workouts, during the last few weeks I actually was on and off working out and eating healthy, mostly off. Reason being and not to make any excuses, I went to a lot of birthday parties, barbeques and went out with family and friends. I’m not complaining I know I should have done something but in all honesty I enjoy myself. I enjoyed the food which was great and I had the chance to spend some time with my family and friends before the summer ended and were all too busy to spend some time with each other (such as school starting soon for our kids and ourselves, work, etc). Unfortunately I have gain all the weight back that a lost recently, I’m upset but it what I get for eating my face off…lol. Now I’m back, I’m refocusing myself and working a routing that includes a part-time job, school, Lil Jomie Creations and being a mom and wife. I know it a lot on my plate but it can be manageable, I just have to organize myself and dare I say it yes schedule myself…lol. Thanks for being patient, understanding and still being here ;-). Here is my weekly workout:

Last week weight (8/20): 273

This week weight (8/26): 270

I lost 3 pounds, not bad when you throw work in the mix.

Monday 8/20/2012

Workout:  Walk for an hour and did Zumba (for the Xbox) for 10 minutes.

Meals: 11:00am, Water and a bag of pretzels

2:00pm, A sandwich with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and dressing on it.

5:30pm, Pieces of a whole chicken with yellow rice, and broccoli

9:30pm, Handful of pretzels

5 Cups of water, slept for 8 hours, after my work out I felt exhausted, taken 2 multivitamin. It was also my second day of work ;-).

Tuesday 8/21/2012

Workout:  Walk for 2 hours

Meals: 9:00am, Coffee and a grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes and scallion (yummy).

1:30pm, Sandwich with ham and cheese and a can of soda

5:30pm, White rice, beans and pork chops (or how we say it chuletas)

10:15pm, A bag of chips

6 Cups of water, slept for 7 hours, taken 2 iron pills and 2 multivitamins. Enjoy my day off with my munchkin.

Wednesday 8/22/2012

Workout:  Zumba for the Xbox for a half hour.

Meals: 2:00pm, Left over yellow rice and piece of chicken

6:15pm, Mash potatoes, chicken breast, mix vegetables

7 Cups of water, slept for 9 hours, taken 2 iron pills. It was my 3rd day at the job, extremely exhausted.

Thursday 8/23/2012

Workout: Walk for an hour

Meals:  9:45am, Coffee, toast with scramble eggs with scallion

1:00pm, Dip with beans, scallion, tomatoes, sauces, little bit of cheese and Tostitos (extremely good)

5:00pm, White rice and steaks

9 Cups of water, slept for 8 hours, taken 2 iron pills and 2 multivitamins.

Friday 8/24/2012

Workout: Walk for an hour

Meals: 2:00pm, Mc Donald’s chicken sandwich and a small fries

6:00pm, Chicken noodle soup

8 Cups of water, slept for 6 hours, taken 2 multivitamins. My 4th day at the job

Saturday 8/24/2012

Workout:  Walk for 2 hours

Meals: 3:00pm, Ham and cheese sandwich

7:00pm, Chinese food, pork fried rice with chicken wing and french fries

8 Cups of water, slept for 7 hours, taken 2 multivitamins. My 5th day, yeap at the job (which I love)

Sunday 8/25/2012

Workout:  15 Minute Zumba in the Xbox

Meals: 2:00pm, White rice with pepper steaks.

7:00pm, Ham and cheese sandwich

5 Cups of water, slept for 7 hours, taken 2 iron pills. My 6th day at the job (don’t worry I won’t continue writing the days I work for the following weeks unless it necessary for me to understand what happen during that day).

After reviewing what I eat and the workout I did during the week, I see where I need to improve. I know for the following week I have to eat breakfast, if anyone is wondering why I eat around 2pm that time I normally get home from work, I wake up at 4- 4:30am to get ready and be there at 7am. So you can imagine during that time I don’t have an appetite and when I get out of work I’m STARVING. I have to eat at least 4 meals a day to keep my metabolism going and have energy throughout the day. I have to work out a little bit more, not every day but at least include Tae Bo 3 times a week.


**Tip of the week: I recommend writing things down such as what you eat, what you did throughout the day, what vitamins you taken and so forth. It’s a great resource, a guide to help you plan better for the following weeks or if you don’t see any changes in your body or health and even if you want to add a next goal to your workout routine once your reach your goals. What I write in my weekly post  is a brief summary of what I have done during the week, if you see my actually journal/planner you see what Joey, Emily and I eat during the week, what each of us taken, what meals to cook, who favors what, and so forth (I probably one day take a photo or scan pages of my daily life is like for you to see if you’re interested). Got a little of the topic ;-), so go ahead it you only need a notebook and a pen. Write what you have done so far through the day and at the end of the week look back and you see what your week has been and what you consume. It a great realization technique when you’re busy throughout the week that you haven’t notice what you’re doing for that day such as eating only two meals.**

If you would like to share any ideas, comment, experience or have questions, please feel free and add a comment.

♥♥ News: At this moment I’m currently working on a workout journal to sell on Lil Jomie Creations, once it’s done I will post photos and a link to my shop on etsy. The journal will consist of a space to write what you have consume during the day, water consumptions, what supplements you have taken (including medicine), how you felt on that day and so forth.

If you would like to visit my etsy shop click here, if you would like to see Lil Jomie Creations facebook page with other creations I made click here. ♥♥

Thanks and happy note taking,


What been going on?

Once again I add more things to my list before I could sit down to realize what I did. At this time I will write a brief post on what going on and what to expect for the remaining of this week and next. I reopen Lil Jomie Creations, at this moment I’m selling my creations on Etsy…if you would like to see my little shop click here…(psst spread the word, thanks!). I will be placing photos of what I place on the shop and other projects that I done and currently working on, I will also be showing my very first diaper cake and the party favors I did for my cousin baby shower. I will repost my weekly workout not this Monday but the next Monday 8/27/12. If you wonder why not this Monday, I’m restarting my workout schedule this Monday, I’m not happy that I gain what I lost, too much birthday parties and barbecue. Can’t complain, the food was good and spending time with the family is even better (before we are all too busy with work, schools, and so on). I also have a part-time job which I know I will be enjoying (wish I can say, but I don’t know if I’m going against guidelines, I will double-check on that).  I will start my classes on September 3rd, and not to mention being a mom which is my number one priority. As you can see I have lots on my plate and some I didn’t even mention (dare I say it couponing) but it’s manageable if I get myself organize which I will being doing this weekend.

Their one thing, I been debating which is I don’t know if I should include Lil Jomie Creations with this blog or should I make a new blog that only devoted to Lil Jomie Creations….decisions, decisions… I will keep you posted on that as well.

** I can’t believe I almost forgot, if you still would like to ask a question for my friend who is a personal trainer please leave a comment below…you will see you answer on September 3rd (please keep in mind I will place your question for all to see, if you do not want your name with your question, please let me know). **

Thanks for still being here



Weekly Workout Update!!!

It’s been more than a month since I post a weekly workout and quite frankly I haven’t done anything not because I didn’t want to but I became busy and extremely sick. During my time in bed I wondered how easy I lost my focus when I became extremely busy, even though I lost 10 pounds and still maintain the weight for the last month. It still bothers me that I haven’t made it as a priority…. So I still wonder was I that busy? Where their moments when I could have worked out?  Should I have been more conscious of what I was eating? The answer to those questions is YES!!. I should have done something, I know that working out is an essential for me in order to be healthy and live longer.

After sitting, thinking what should I have done (this is a step that I don’t ponder too much on, learn from the past and apply to the now), I decided to add a key factor onto my goals. If a week becomes extremely busy, I have to work out at least 3 times a week. I have to make this into a rule especially that I will start working, going to school and manage Lil Jomie Creations. I’m not quitting and I haven’t failed, you can only fail if you quit. I haven’t done that, It’s just that I fell, got up, dusted myself off and figured out a plan not to fall again.

I guess, writing this is to help motivate myself but to also to say hey I’m human and I will make mistakes, or lose focus or both but I can only learn from it and continue.  I hope for anyone who fell and feels that it’s the end, so why bother… I’m here to say don’t give up.  Just because you lost focus or made a mistake doesn’t mean it’s the end, get back on it and give it your best again. If you fall again get back on but learn from that fall that way you can avoid it and not get frustrated. I’m happy to say I’m better but I have to slow down a bit because my asthma is strong from the nasty cold I had but if I can’t do the Tae Bo there is always walking for me which I will be doing.

I do have exciting news hopefully next week I will have a Q&A with my friend, who is a personal trainer and for the next two weeks I will take anyone’s questions about health and fitness (the reason I say hopefully I’ll have the Q&A with him, is because he recently had his first-born son and if you are a parent then you’ll know how busy and exhausting it is to take care of a new-born and handle the everyday activities). If you do have any questions feel free to leave a comment.


** Tip: If you know you have a busy day, week or month, it is best to sit down and write a schedule for that day or week. Write down your everyday schedule such as days you go to class, work, children activities (if you have children), Doctors appointments and so on (also write the time).  Once you’re done, plan your meals in advance, then the days you can work out and the type of workout you’re going to do. Also have a backup plan with your meals and workout in case a curve ball is thrown at you. **


Thanks and Take Care ❤