Gifts from the heart!



I hope everyone enjoy their holidays!!! I thought for my first post of the year 2015, is to share the creations I did for my family and friends Christmas gifts. If you follow me on facebook and/or Instagram you notice that I been sharing my DIY gifts, unfortunately I had to stop because some of my lovely friends and family follow me either one or both of these social media.


Now, that my family and friends has their goodies, let’s get started:


I made a few frames with quotes and added embellishment to the frame. I thought it will make a lovely home décor gift.






I made two different jewelry box with the same color and embellishment.





Save the best for last, my favorite DIY candle holder gifts.  I love how it came out, it look great with the tea light candle on and off. I especially love when the candle is on, it give off a peaceful- tranquility vibe in the room.


So here you have it, 3 ideas to make any time of the year gifts like birthdays, Christmas, valentines and so fourth.  These gifts didn’t take long to make, either way I love their reactions when they open their gifts. I hope you enjoy my creations.


***News: My youtube channel will be up soon if you would like to see any of these DIY gifts be made, leave a comment below.***


***2nd News: I will add these type of creations and embellishment (just incase you want to make your own) to my etsy shop, follow my facebook page to be informed when the items will be up.***


Thanks and if you do decide to create any of these DIY gifts, I would love to see them, use #JomieDIY .







Changes for Lil’ Jomie Creations

lil jomie merged copyHey everyone,


It’s been a crazy two weeks but I can’t complain been very busy. Okay two weeks ago I had explain I was going to post some news on my Facebook page. It’s nothing horrible but there are major changes to Lil’ Jomie Creations, that I feel needed to be changed in order to become successful. If I don’t do this now, I know Lil Jomie Creations will be run down to the ground and I don’t want that and I know my fellow Lil’ Likers wouldn’t want to see that either.


What are the changes?


I’m slowing my business down and practically restarting it again. What does that mean? Well due to the circumstances  occurring in my life, I can’t focus and give full dedication to my business, which means, instead of working a full time job I will be working part time. I want to focus more on creating my escape of relaxing–unfortunately I seem to lose it and my creativity mind seem to get cloudy.

Lately I started to notice my passion to create, began to return when I started to teach and show demos. The excitements of showing someone how to create something or help with their block helps get my creative juices running again. Afterwards I come home with a bunch of ideas and start to create projects with the help of my munchkin (only certain projects); I become happy and stress free.

With this said, I always wanted to make my own Youtube videos and I’ve been researching on how to make one–I know what some of you might be saying ‘you only need a camera.’ Which is true, but I want to give you guys a high quality video, not just a halfway made video. But, soon I will be making and posting videos!


“What can I expect on your soon to be Youtubes Videos?”

Tutorials: a step-by-step guide on how to create something, reviews on  products, gadgets and even how to use them, learn about these certain products and what the full purpose of these products will be. ‘My Child and Me’, are great tutorials about what you can do with your kids or any child in your lives.

Now, my Youtube channel will not only be for crafts but for personal use too (now for this I’m still deciding if I should do all in one youtube channel or have 2 separate channels) anyway, if so, there will organization tips and tricks, products that I have used or made myself, play time with your children and so forth.

Now my videos won’t be up every week I’m going to take things slow and probably post once a month or twice a month or even more but mostly once a month.

“What will happen to your etsy shop?”

My etsy shop will still be up and running I still will be posting items but not as consistently, I will adding items to my shop and letting you guys know what items I will be posting up.

“Should I still follow you on instagram and twitter?”

Yes, please do! I would be posting photos and messages through my accounts,  of either stuff I’ve created for myself or creations that my munchkin and I did or another creation– from others that I just have to share because their piece was so awesome.

Now for my ‘Thank you’:

I just have to say to all of you, is thank you for the support and love that I have been receiving. This year 2013, has been a rough year for myself and my family but we have to continue on moving forward until the dark cloud move away. The last thing I want to do to is disappoint you guys, you are the ones that helped me create and grow Lil’ Jomie Creations, without you I wouldn’t have a small business. Once again Thank you with all my heart ❤


***Keep checking up by following me on facebook, instagram and twitter: for news, quotes, or anything else that’s going on.***

Remember together we can create something from the heart ❤ ❤ <3.

Hello there, Friend and Upcoming News

Hey, Lil’ Likers!

August has just begun… so we all know what this means, right? It’s time to prepare for Back 2 School! Or returning to whatever would require my assistance and help, just for you! This always feels like the advent to a fresh start. But I am aware others might dread the start rather than welcoming it, and that’s fine too. I, myself, love this time of the year! It’s the ending of the Summer, and the welcoming of Fall–which is my favorite season–which is around the corner; everything changes to a quieter and softer atmosphere and social environment.

For the month of August, I will be placing new, cutesy and stylish accessories for you everyday needs. Make sure to Check back everyday to see the new things on my Etsy page. What to expect here on my blog are tips and advice to start off the school year, returning from your Summers.

Now, enough of feeding you news!
Check today’s addition in my etsy shop: Hello Friends. This lovely cute little journal is great for writing school assignments, ‘to do’ lists, shopping lists, reminders or even your everyday thoughts! It’s all up to you how you make your journal yours… it can be anything you wish! What makes them special is your journal has a short story behind it. Go and check it out!

 Hello there, Friend Hello there, Friend Hello there, Friend Hello there, Friend

Taking back my life. Even if my world is upside down, it will be an organized upside down world.

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been awhile since I posted my Monday, weekly workouts. It’s no surprise that I been derailed. Being that it’s the summer (BBQ’s, Birthdays, beaches, amusement parks, etc.), the everyday responsibilities (working, appointments, home cleaning, cooking, everyday essentials shopping, etc.) and the unfortunates emergency (hospitals, deaths, family crisis, etc.). It’s so easy to derail yourself from your goals.

One of my biggest problem and mainly the reason I haven’t sat down and scheduled my time (even if there has been an emergency). I was never like this not too long ago I would schedule, write everything down and I always been on point of everything. Unfortunate I let a little nasty depression turn my world upside down. Well not anymore, I’m taking back my life. Even if my world is upside down, it will be an organized upside down world…haha.

**First order of business, Monday weekly workout will be back on 7/8/13 with another post my family weekly workout. **

Instead of doing a Monday weekly workout today, I decided to dedicate this post on how I’m organizing myself (this would be the first of many but it will be posted on a different day, the day will be coming soon**) I know I have to schedule myself in order to reach my many goals, which one major goal is to lose weight and improve my health.  So here it goes my first step:

First, I’ve taken a piece of paper and pen and wrote down the days of the week. From there I wrote the daily routine of the week which is work schedule and hours, workout routine, Emily learning path, Joey work hours and schedule, cleaning, coupons, and church this is my week overview (photo shown below).

It take only a paper & a pen

I wanted to hang my week overview where either I or Joey can see. It’s great when I write my week in details on my planner. Now I wanted to make it look nice, so I made a template on excel, decorated it and color coded it for that particular person such as Emily is pink, I’m purple and Joey is blue. Now it’s hanging above my desk on a bulletin board (photo show below).

weekly overview Weekly overview

Last of scheduling myself, I write my weekly schedule on my planner (which I made). Keep in mind some is already pre-written in my planner. My planner consists of a monthly two page overview and a week on two pages. Everything that I write on my planner is color coded; I find it is easier to find what I’m looking for. My color code is red for bills, pink is for Emily, Purple is anything that pertains to me, Blue is Joey, Orange is Birthdays, Lavender is for Little Jomie Creations, my blog and youtube (photos are show below). I write everything else in pencil and black ink for important information that I don’t want to erase easily.

Planner Planner Planner

For an added note: I just wrote and overview for Lil Jomie Creations, this blog and youtube. All of my details and information in a separate binder but that is for another day, another post.

****Please note that what I have been writing is my personal view you can either change certain things to benefit yourself. Everyone is different, only you know what works for you and if you’re doing this for the first time trial and error will help you make the best schedule for yourself****


If you have any tips that you would like to share I would love to hear them, I’m open minded, I’m willing to try. I’m always looking for the best way to perfect my system (even though we know their is nothing perfect…hahaha but a system that will work for me and my loved ones).

Happy Scheduling,


My 2013 Planner

(Blows) Look at all this dust (coughs), have I been gone that long…is that a spider web…eek I hate spiders…lol

I hope everyone like my new clean, fresh and white lay out…so far it’s my favorite from other layouts that I tried.

♥♥I hope everyone had a safe Halloween and for the ones who were affected by Hurricane Sandy, my thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery to settling down in the next chapter of your life’s that you feel safe and warm with your loved ones.♥♥

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What been going on?

Once again I add more things to my list before I could sit down to realize what I did. At this time I will write a brief post on what going on and what to expect for the remaining of this week and next. I reopen Lil Jomie Creations, at this moment I’m selling my creations on Etsy…if you would like to see my little shop click here…(psst spread the word, thanks!). I will be placing photos of what I place on the shop and other projects that I done and currently working on, I will also be showing my very first diaper cake and the party favors I did for my cousin baby shower. I will repost my weekly workout not this Monday but the next Monday 8/27/12. If you wonder why not this Monday, I’m restarting my workout schedule this Monday, I’m not happy that I gain what I lost, too much birthday parties and barbecue. Can’t complain, the food was good and spending time with the family is even better (before we are all too busy with work, schools, and so on). I also have a part-time job which I know I will be enjoying (wish I can say, but I don’t know if I’m going against guidelines, I will double-check on that).  I will start my classes on September 3rd, and not to mention being a mom which is my number one priority. As you can see I have lots on my plate and some I didn’t even mention (dare I say it couponing) but it’s manageable if I get myself organize which I will being doing this weekend.

Their one thing, I been debating which is I don’t know if I should include Lil Jomie Creations with this blog or should I make a new blog that only devoted to Lil Jomie Creations….decisions, decisions… I will keep you posted on that as well.

** I can’t believe I almost forgot, if you still would like to ask a question for my friend who is a personal trainer please leave a comment below…you will see you answer on September 3rd (please keep in mind I will place your question for all to see, if you do not want your name with your question, please let me know). **

Thanks for still being here



A fear that cost me to stop writing…

It’s been awhile since I written something, it’s been a crazy month and a few weeks (I will do a quick recap at the end of this blog). As I sit on my bed with the munchkin sleeping next to me, I can’t help to feel a little anxious in writing this blog. It’s not because I don’t have anything to say, I have plenty to say.What is causing this fear or anxiety is my grammar. Most of you who have been reading my other blogs know my grammar is not perfect and I know it’s a big issue not only for this blog but for work, school, interacting with others and so on. I always knew the importance of grammar and I have been practicing but for some reason it just doesn’t want to go through my head. Which is frustrating in my part because I learn everything else with ease. Don’t get me wrong I won’t give up on it and I plan to work extra hard till I’m flawless. I guess the reason I bring this up was the fear that was growing inside of me, which lead me the fear to write and look like a fool. I can’t let this fear stop me or how else will I learn and perfect it or express myself or write a novel, which is something I always wanted to do. So if you are reading this and have been following or new to my blog, all I ask is to be patient with me and this learning process.

Now that my anxiety is under control, it is time to let everyone know what to expect from me!

  • As of yesterday, I started to work out in order to lose weight and become healthier. I will be recording my process weekly, which will contain my weight at that moment, what I eat, how I felt that day emotional and physically, and the type of exercise I have done throughout the day. At this moment,  I’m still debating what day I will post my weekly progress, most likely on Mondays.
  • I will try to post something on a daily basis but to be honest the summer is here, Joey and I planned activities everyday with Emily (Joey gets out of work early during summer).
  • In the next few weeks I will be posting sneak peeks of the creations that I been making for Lil Jomie Creations.
  • I have a few more ideas on my mind on what to expect but it still debatable, let see how everything ends up.

I’m extremely excited of the new adventures that coming our (my little family) way, it won’t be easy but I can’t wait to try and see the end results.  Here a quick recap on what been going on with myself and my family…

I like to be creative, enjoy!

As we all know that my munchkin birthday party was on April 21st, which she had a blast as well as for my guest and her birthday on the 25th where I bake cupcakes and watch her blow out the candle with a few family members. I can’t believe she two already and the terrible two is something else… ;-).

After 12 years of living in Cicero Bronx, N.Y, my parent move 4 blocks away from my apartment. I have live there for 11 years, it’s Emily  first home and watch her grow for a year, it were she learn how to crawl, walk, said her first word, and many more. It was sad to say good bye.

My parent weren’t the only one who move, my sister in law Sandy bought her FIRST HOME!!!  Last weekend her family and my in laws move to their new home, which is gorgeous!!! Sandy and I are planning to do many creative piece for her new home. I’m excited and happy for them.

Finally, I been focusing on my grammar, how to use my Nikon D3100 manually, Photoshop, and of course making creations, tons of creations!

Now it’s time for me to say, until next time!

p.s  Please bare with me, I’m trying to customize my blog…so you might see different themes for the next few weeks. Thank you for your understanding!

Though desicion, but it had to be done

I decided to close my business Lil Jomie Creations! What, how can this be!!??? It’s not permanent, it’s only temporary…I feel that it is the time for an upgrade, revamp the look and feel of Lil Jomie Creations, and increase my inventory. I enjoy every minute of my business for the last year but I also notice I made mistake that cost me greatly. I rush into my business, I never sat down and taken the time to plan everything the right way. After weeks of thinking and consulting a few people, I decided to closed it down and refocus my dreams and passion for Lil Jomie Creations.

Now you may be wondering, what going to be the next step or what can we expect Lil Jomie Creations? Well I’ll give you a little peak for what to come. One of the main things I wanted to focus is to build my inventory; I want to create more unique diaper cake all shape and sizes with different materials, party favors, props for photography, and many more!!! Sorry, I wish I can say more but I can’t spoil everything ;-D but I will show sneak peeks from time to time on facebook and here Lil Jomarie!

**One last thing, I want to thank everyone who has been here supporting and following me since I started Lil Jomie Creations and my little blog ❤ you’re the best!!!