My Weekly Lifestyle: Weekly Report

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

I lost a total of 37 pounds yay!!! This week I haven’t gain or lost.


Monday 11/3/2014:

Workout:  Tae-bo for 45 minutes and 30 minutes Zumba,


6:30am: Coffee and Beagle with butter

4:45pm: Rice, beans and chicken

8:40pm: A bowl of strawberries

8 Cups of water, slept for 5 hours, after my work out I felt great.


Tuesday 11/4/2014:

Workout:  Tae-bo for 45 minutes and Zumba for 30 minutes


9:30am: Small bowl of oatmeal with strawberry

3:15pm: Small Chili and Small French fries from Wendy’s

8 Cups of water, slept for 7 hours, woke up with asthma pace myself..


Wednesday 11/5/2014:

Workout: 45 minutes of Tae-bo and Zumba for 15 minutes.


9:45am: Egg burrito mix with spam, green and red peppers

2:45pm: A bowl of dry honey bunches of oats and coffee.

5:30pm: Baked potato with sausage

8 Cups of water, slept for 5 1/2 hours, I work out hard and was able to keep up with the video.


Thursday 11/6/14:

Workout:  Walk for 1 Hour


2:30am: Coffee

5:45am: Coffee and a donut

10:45pm: Salami and cheese sandwich

4:45pm: Rice, beans and chicken

8 cups of water and slept for 3 hours. Felt exhausted


Friday 11/7/2014:

Workout:  No exercise


10:00am: Coffee and butter bagel

6:00pm: Pizza

8 cups of water, a few cups of soda and slept for 5 1/2 hours. Sleepover with my cousin!!!


Saturday 11/8/2014:

Workout:  No exercise


10:15am: Coffee

2:06pm: Homemade burgers

4:45pm: Cereal Fruit Loops

8 Cups of water and slept for 4 hours.


Sunday 11/8/2014

Workout: No exercise


10:45am: Coffee

2:45pm: Wendy’s Small Chili, chicken nuggets and small French fries

8 Cups of water and slept for 4 hours.



Note to self:

After reviewing this week:

  • I need sleep 6-8 hours a day.
  • Take multi-vitamins and iron pills daily.
  • I need to eat every 4 hours.
  • Plan how to exercise, when planning a fun activity.


Tip of the Week: 

This is not my proudest week, when it comes to eating healthy and working out. In a way I’m glad it did happen, it shows I’m only human. I’m bound to make mistake and lose track of my eating habits and my workouts. My tip for this week, if you fallen don’t get discourage, learn from it. Everything will not fall into place in one day or one week it takes time but don’t give up or get discourage.  This is how we learn!



Keep going,




Is it 2014, yet?


         It’s been awhile and now it’s the time that I feel it’s the right time to write. Yes, it cliche, new the year is finally here and I’m starting my blog once again.  As we say farewell to 2013, the year I was desperate to finish since the beginning of 2013. My family and I has been hit with a slump that seem to never end. I’m  hoping  confident that 2014 will be there year, not only for myself but  my family as well. As for my goals of 2013, my ideas and plan that I started will be reintroduce but there will be a few changes to them. Well with that said I would like to give a few my experiences, that will help make 2014 one of the best and productive year.

To start off,  I never like to begin my new year by saying my resolution, I prefer the term goals. Reason being if you happen to lose focus on your goals it easier to get back to it. Then stating you failed your resolution and now “I have to wait for 2015”. NO! you’re human you’re entitled to mess up or lose focus. What important it’s to get back to your goals. Keep in mind, things won’t go as you plan, situation will occur that will shake you to your core. That’s okay, and it’s okay if you need to change or alter goals. We grow daily by the influences and experience that we go through. By this your goals will change and that fine, it is healthy. Why keep a goal that will not benefit you needs?

** If you  are interested to read more on how I set my goals, click here. This will take you to an older post, my goals may have change but the way I set it up it’s still the same system.

Look back through the year of 2013, this will you setup your goals. Think what will you like to do, it can be to travel, get better grades, get a promotion and the list goes on.

All it take, is a paper and a pen to start.

All it take, is a paper and a pen to start.

Create a To Do list

        Now I don’t know about anyone, but the beginning of year I do my “spring cleaning”. I like to start my new year with a nice clean apartment, get rid of anything that will not be use or needed.  Unfortunately you can get overwhelm, so this year I decided to do a to do list. I create separate categories, each section of my  apartment is in a category (mind you, my apartment is clean but I haven’t done the “spring cleaning” of 2014). In each category I wrote down what need to be fix, what need to be deep clean,  what I don’t need  and what going to be place there. From there I will create a to do for my husband or super of the building, then once a week I will choose a part of the apartment that need to be deep clean or organize. Now from experience I will never get rid of anything that is useful, it may not be useful to me but it can be a blessing to another. Like I said 2013 was a rough year for us but I don’t think I want to change anything. It taught me to be humble and appreciate what I have. I take all of the belonging that not useful to me or my family and look for someone or donate. I do this because I know there’s someone out there who is going through worse than I am and this will be their blessing.

Organize yourself and your surrounding.

       2013 I was everywhere, I was disorganized, lost , confuse…I couldn’t keep up with anything and it was horrible, a total chaos. To start 2014 right I suggest to get a calendar, it can be any calendar that you will love. It can be really simple or with color coded and whole bunch of stuff. Only you will know what type of calendar/ organizer/planner that you want and that will WORK FOR YOU &/OR YOUR FAMILY!

The biggest advice that I should have taken for the 2013.

       In order to accomplish anything in life either starting your own business, get promote, finish school…you have to organize or fix yourself and/or your household…even if you live with someone.  It doesn’t mean that you will never go through something but you will be better prepared to handle the situation. When you have everything organize and a situation occurs within yourself and household your are capable to do anything and address the situation. This is also a stress reliever or can minimize the stress that will occur. this is a stress that can be avoid knowing that you have your house organize, yourself organize and your family organize. Keep in mind when something changes or a situation occur you better prepare to handle and alter what need to be alter.

I hope that this post will you  in someway or somehow to start off the new year right.

I won’t promise anything but I might post my goals for 2014, how I’m organizing myself and my family and among others stuff.

****Please note that what I have been writing is my personal view you can either change certain things to benefit yourself. Everyone is different, only you know what works for you and if you’re doing this for the first time trial and error will help you make the best schedule for yourself****

Till next time & Happy New Year!!!


Changes for Lil’ Jomie Creations

lil jomie merged copyHey everyone,


It’s been a crazy two weeks but I can’t complain been very busy. Okay two weeks ago I had explain I was going to post some news on my Facebook page. It’s nothing horrible but there are major changes to Lil’ Jomie Creations, that I feel needed to be changed in order to become successful. If I don’t do this now, I know Lil Jomie Creations will be run down to the ground and I don’t want that and I know my fellow Lil’ Likers wouldn’t want to see that either.


What are the changes?


I’m slowing my business down and practically restarting it again. What does that mean? Well due to the circumstances  occurring in my life, I can’t focus and give full dedication to my business, which means, instead of working a full time job I will be working part time. I want to focus more on creating my escape of relaxing–unfortunately I seem to lose it and my creativity mind seem to get cloudy.

Lately I started to notice my passion to create, began to return when I started to teach and show demos. The excitements of showing someone how to create something or help with their block helps get my creative juices running again. Afterwards I come home with a bunch of ideas and start to create projects with the help of my munchkin (only certain projects); I become happy and stress free.

With this said, I always wanted to make my own Youtube videos and I’ve been researching on how to make one–I know what some of you might be saying ‘you only need a camera.’ Which is true, but I want to give you guys a high quality video, not just a halfway made video. But, soon I will be making and posting videos!


“What can I expect on your soon to be Youtubes Videos?”

Tutorials: a step-by-step guide on how to create something, reviews on  products, gadgets and even how to use them, learn about these certain products and what the full purpose of these products will be. ‘My Child and Me’, are great tutorials about what you can do with your kids or any child in your lives.

Now, my Youtube channel will not only be for crafts but for personal use too (now for this I’m still deciding if I should do all in one youtube channel or have 2 separate channels) anyway, if so, there will organization tips and tricks, products that I have used or made myself, play time with your children and so forth.

Now my videos won’t be up every week I’m going to take things slow and probably post once a month or twice a month or even more but mostly once a month.

“What will happen to your etsy shop?”

My etsy shop will still be up and running I still will be posting items but not as consistently, I will adding items to my shop and letting you guys know what items I will be posting up.

“Should I still follow you on instagram and twitter?”

Yes, please do! I would be posting photos and messages through my accounts,  of either stuff I’ve created for myself or creations that my munchkin and I did or another creation– from others that I just have to share because their piece was so awesome.

Now for my ‘Thank you’:

I just have to say to all of you, is thank you for the support and love that I have been receiving. This year 2013, has been a rough year for myself and my family but we have to continue on moving forward until the dark cloud move away. The last thing I want to do to is disappoint you guys, you are the ones that helped me create and grow Lil’ Jomie Creations, without you I wouldn’t have a small business. Once again Thank you with all my heart ❤


***Keep checking up by following me on facebook, instagram and twitter: for news, quotes, or anything else that’s going on.***

Remember together we can create something from the heart ❤ ❤ <3.

Monday, Weekly Workout 7/8/13

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!

Last week weight (7/1): 260

This week weight (7/7): 262

I gain 2 pounds. I’m not happy about it, since the last time I post my weekly workout my weight has been up and down about a pound or two. So I’m not that upset because I could off gain more than two pounds.


Monday 7/1/2013

Workout:  Tae-bo for 45 minutes and 15 minutes Zumba

Meals: 8:00am: 2 Small pancake and a glass of milk.

12:00pm: Homemade bake French fries with 2 pieces of spam

4:30pm: Cup and half of white rice, black beans and 1 piece of ribs

8:30pm: Cup of Kellogg’s corn flakes.

3 Cups of water, slept for 5 hours, after my work out I felt great and energize.

Tuesday 7/2/2013

Workout:  30 minutes of Zumba and walk for 15 minutes.

Meals: 6:30am: Coffee and a donut from dunkin donuts

11:00am: One kit kat big bar and half of a bottle of minute maid fruit punch

3:35pm: Mac and cheese with 2 spam

7:00pm: Cup of white rice and beans

5 Cups of water, slept for 4 1/2 hours, after my work out I felt exhausted (I had my monthly)

Wednesday 7/3/2013

Workout: 45 minutes of Tae-bo and walk for 10 minutes

Meals: 9:00am: Bowl of Kellogg’s corn flakes

1:36pm: Small chili from Wendy’s

5:20pm: Pasta, chicken and a little bit of Ragu sauce.

11:15pm: Small bowl of Kellogg’s corn flakes

6 Cups of water, slept for 7 hours, after my work out I felt a little tired but I had energy for the rest of the day

Thursday 7/4/13: Happy 4th of July

Workout: I did not work out today. I went to Boston.

Meals:   12:00pm: 1 Bag of pretzel

3:40pm: Whopper sandwich, French fries and a medium Coke.

** During the car ride to Boston, I had a bag of candy and Snapple**

9:45pm: Nacho with ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese

4 bottles of water (8oz) and slept for 6 hours.

Friday 7/5/2013

Workout: I did not work out. I was in Boston and Home Sweet Home (yes, I was only in Boston for a day.)

Meals: 11:00am: An omelet with cheese, spinach and mushroom, and a side of hash brown. Also had 2 glass of pepsi

4:30pm:  Yellow rice with beans, steak and a huge bowl of salad.

9:45pm: Sandwich with wheat bread, ham, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes and a side of chicken noddle soup from Panera.

6 Bottles of water (8oz) and slept for 4 hours.

Saturday 7/6/2013

Workout:  I didn’t work out. I rested on this day.

Meals: 11:45am: Scramble eggs, wheat toast and three slice of bacon.

3:30pm: 2 Hotdogs

7:00pm: Small bag of popcorn (watching Despicable Me 2)

9:45pm: Chicken Noddle soup from Panera

8 Cups of water and slept for 12 hours.

Sunday 7/7/2013

Workout:  Another day of not working out.

Meals: 6:55am: Coffee and Banana

12:45pm: Bowl of cereal (I forgot name of it) and coffee.

4:30pm: White rice, red beans and grill chicken.

8:30pm: Bowl of grapes.

7 Cups of water and slept for 5 hours.

Note to self:

After reviewing this week:

  • I need sleep 6-8 hours a day.
  • Take multi-vitamins and iron pills daily
  •  Take fruits to snack on when I go to work.
  • Most likely I’m going to be in and out of Boston for the rest of the summer, I need to plan and prepare meals to take on the road. Also, for exercising I walk for half an hour.


Tip of the week:  It’s hard to keep up with the healthy life style on the road. I know this summer most likely I will be going back and forth from NYC to Boston (do to family situations). In order to continue eating well and exercise one needs to plan meals and snacks to take on the road. If you have a nationwide gym membership use it, if not walk for half an hour to an hour take a family member with you and talk ( the hour will go by fast) or look up exercise to do at home. For eating out, we are all tempted to eat everything in the menu for this use your judgment, share a meal or eat half and save the other for the  next day.

I feel if you’re not on the road a lot and decided to splurge, I personally say go ahead but when you get back from the road go back to your routine. If you’re going to be on the road a lot, like myself then you have to make a plan and work with what you have, if not you may gain twice as much.


News:  I decided not to post my daughters exercise and workout routine. She is also on the path of eating well and exercise; mostly she eats what I eat with the exception of a couple of things here and there. She eats every 4 hours, drinks plenty of water more than 8 glasses a day, and eats all her fruits and vegetables. I make sure she does her exercise by letting her run around in the park, playing her dance central for kids, sports and soon she will take swim classes. At this time I decided not to post her results.


Wish you the best,


Monday, Weekly Workout 5/27/13

Wishing everyone a great Memorial Day!

Also, let’s take the time to honor Americas Heroes, thank you for your service.

Last week weight (5/20): 262

This week weight (5/27): 260

I lost 2 pounds!!!


Monday 5/20/2013

Workout:  Tae-bo for 45 minutes.

Meals: 8:00am: Home fries w/ sausage

3:00pm: 2 Hotdog

6:30pm: Pasta season with olive oil and garlic and 1 grill chicken

3 Cups of water, slept for 3 hours, after my work out I felt extremely exhausted, taken 2 multivitamin.

Tuesday 5/21/2013

Workout:  I didn’t do any work out. I went to work and deep clean my apartment.

Meals: 6:35am: Bagel w/ cream cheese and Snapple mango

3:00pm: Microwave Beefaroni

6:20pm: Homemade tacos (eat 3)

5 Cups of water and slept for 4 hours

Wednesday 5/22/2013

Workout: Half an hour Zumba

Meals: 8:00am: Eggs and bacon

1:24pm: Bertolli soup

5:00pm: Rice, beans and chicken wings (2)

3 Cups of water and slept for 7 hours

Thursday 5/23/13

Workout:  Another day of not working out. Was running errands all day .

Meals:   6:30am: Coffee and a bagel w/ cream cheese

1:16pm: Sandwich ham and cheese

5:35pm: Bertolli pasta

5 Cups of water and slept for 5 1/2 hours.

Friday 5/24/2013

Workout: Walk for an hour and played Zumba for an half an hour

Meals: 10:35am: 2 Pancake

2:53pm:  Bagel with cream cheese

9:15pm: Went to Cici Pizza buffet, 2 slices and a bowl of soup (also had a cup of soda)

6 Cups of water and slept for 4 1/2 hours

Saturday 5/25/2013

Workout:  I didn’t work out. I continued deep cleaning my apartment.

Meals: 9:36am: Bowl of cereal.

2:45pm: Sandwich of ham and cheese

7:30pm: Japanese, Beef teriyaki and vegetable tempura (also had 2 cups of soda)   .

5 Cups of water and slept for 4 hours.

Sunday 5/26/2013

Workout:  Play and run all over the park with my munchkin for an hour. I went to work and prepare for tomorrow BBQ’s.

Meals: 6:55am: Bagel with cream cheese

1:15pm: Pernil Sandwich

10:35pm: Bowl of cereal

6 Cups of water and slept for 5 hours.

Note to self:

After reviewing this week, I still need to improve the same as the week before:

  • I need sleep 6-8 hours a day.
  • Take  multi-vitamins and iron pills daily
  •  Force myself to work out on the days that I work.
  • Drink 8 cups of water daily and limit my soda intake to one can a week.
  • Make and eat snacks in between my meals like fruits, vegetables and/ or nuts.
  • Eat every 4 hours.


Tip of the week:  After reviewing the last few weeks with my daily workout routines, eating, and every other routine outside of this I realize I NEED to do a schedule. Which is something I know from the beginning and I always had a habit that I start and never quite stick to it. Either today or tomorrow (it might take a little longer to find a right schedule) I will be sitting and making a schedule that involves with myself and my family. My tip is to sit down and jot down everything that you and your family (if you do have one) do on a regular basis, and outside of your regular routine.  Take a calendar and jot down the time of your regular routine after you finish with the regular plan on your workout routine, what time you’re going to exercise, the time you’re going to eat, what type of workout and your meal plan.


This is a quick tip to start of your schedule for your everyday life to mesh with your workouts. Now I’m starting to realize that this type of scheduling deserve its own post. So, for the next  few days I will be making my schedule that involves with my daily ( and my family) routine and get this ball rolling, I believe this will help me to lose weight and keep track of everything that going on with my life. Keep checking back or follow my blog (that way you can receive an email when I post my article) and I will give a detail information how I schedule myself with photos. Hopefully by that time I will have my youtube channel up and I will post it as well.


News: Starting next Monday, I will be posting two post one for my weekly workout but also one for my family weekly workout. I feel that the whole journey of living a better and healthy lifestyle should be involved with the whole family. So, you will be able to follow my journey and the journey of my family in two different posts. I do apologize in advance for the two posts in one day; Monday is the start of the new week for all of us when it comes to our workout.


Wish you the best,


Monday, Weekly Workout

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!

Last week weight (5/13): 264

This week weight (5/20): 262

I lost 2 pounds!!!


Monday 5/13/2013

Workout:  Zumba (for the Xbox) for 20 minutes.

Meals: 8:00am: Pancake and sausage w/ orange juice

2:25pm: Croissant and coffee

6:30pm: Rice, beans and chicken

4 Cups of water, slept for 3 hours, after my work out I felt a little tired, taken 2 multivitamin.

Tuesday 5/14/2013

Workout:  I didn’t do any work out today, went to work.

Meals: 6:10am: Coffee and Bagel w/ cream cheese

3:30pm: Sandwich of ham and cheese and coffee

6:10pm: Pasta w/ ground beef and Ragu sauce

3 Cups of water and slept for 5 hours

Wednesday 5/15/2013

Workout: I didn’t do any work out today, went to work

Meals: 5:30am: Coffee and a donuts

1:38pm: Bertolli soup

5:15pm: Rice, beans and pork chops

4 Cups of water and slept for 5 hours

Thursday 5/16/13

Workout:  Another day of not working out. I went to work.

Meals:   6:30am: Coffee and a bagel w/ cream cheese

1:35pm: Croissant and coffee

5:35pm: Bertolli pasta

3 Cups of water and slept for 5 hours.

Friday 5/17/2013

Workout: Walk for an hour and played Zumba for an half an hour

Meals: 10:09am: Pancake and sausage with apple juice

2:15pm: Coffee

7:00pm: Rice, beans and chicken breast.

4 Cups of water and slept for 3 hours

Saturday 5/18/2013

Workout:  I didn’t work out. I went to work.

Meals: 9:25am: Coffee and a donuts.

2:45pm: BBQ’s Restaurant, I ate steak, shrimp, french fries and a texas size pina collada.

5 Cups of water, slept for 5 hours, taken 2 steroids medicine for the asthma

Sunday 5/19/2013

Workout:  I didn’t work out. I went to work

Meals: 6:55am: Coffee and a donuts

3:00pm, Bertolli pasta

6:30pm, Burger King, number 1 whopper meal.

5 Cups of water, slept for 5 hours, and taken 2 steroids pills.

Note to self:

After reviewing this week I realize I need to change a lot of my bad habits.

  • I need sleep 6-8 hours a day.
  • Take  multivitamins and iron pills daily
  •  Force myself to work out on the days that I work.
  • Drink 8 cups of water daily and limit my soda intake to one can a week.
  • Make and eat snack in between my meals like fruits, vegetables and/ or nuts.
  • Eat every 4 hours.


Tip of the week: This week’s tip is pretty small but it can impact in a big way. Snacks, eating snacks between meals will help your metabolism running throughout the day. It helps control your appetite that way when you finally sit down and eat you don’t over eat or eat something that you shouldn’t. Making a snack doesn’t take long to make and it can be anything you like to eat and help those cravings that we seem to have on the worst possible moment. If you’re craving for something sweet eat a yogurt or a piece of fruit. If you’re craving for something salty eat a handful of nuts or it can be a mixture of both. Planning on your snack can be enjoyable and fun. Plus the benefit of planning your snack will help you save money (I hear a few extra bucks for a new craft supply, haha).


Wish you the best,


We are toward the end of June, the halfway mark of 2012.

What have we done to so far this year?

At the beginning of every year before January 1st roll by, we all sit down and make our New Year resolution. Some people take it serious, while others make a joke about it but in all serious have you kept up with your New Year resolution or have you forgotten about it? Don’t feel bad majority of people either forget or give up on it. I’m one of those people I forget what promises I made on December 31st but then again I always take it as a joke. I never like to use that term or wait till January 1st to start new in my life. If you really wanted to start new or change something you do it ASAP anytime, any month, any day.

Okay I don’t use New Year resolution, what do I use? I prefer to use goals and soon to make my dreams come true. If you have read some of my other blogs such as Monday is a new start, you will see I set up 3 different goals in order to lose weight my main goal, short-term goals and my mini goal. If you would like to read Monday is a new start, click here -> I love to set my goals, it helps me to stay on focus in my upside down life and I make many of them and no it not chaotic :-). I honestly think goals can be set up anytime time and about anything you want it to be, you don’t have to wait for the New Year to start on what need to be change, you can start it right now!!!  What perfect about setting your goals, if we forget our goals or mess up it okay we all human, it not the end of the world. It a new experience or something has happen that derail you from reaching your goals, this is not to discourage you on setting your goals, its reality (you wouldn’t want me to sugar coat it?). Getting back, what great about it you can get right back to it and continue reaching those goals you laid out for yourself, it has happen to me so many times that I derails myself from my goals but I get back on it and once I reach my goals I feel extremely proud of myself even more so because I gotten derail and got back on it.

So are you ready to sit down and write down your goals, it only take a paper and pen to start. It pretty simple to start and you can start one goal (as time goes, you can add more goals). If you have already set a few of them, go and review them and see if you need to alter them or even bring the inspiration back to life. Just to give an example, I’ll add one of my goals and this goal is actually a new one:

Goal: To purchase our first home and save a down payment in 3 years


  • If we save $287 a month in 3 years we would have $10,000.
  • Increase and fix our credit score (MUST do research)
  • Pay down as much debt as we can (that way were not house broke and help with our credit)

Keep in mind that there will be challenges reaching your goals and possibly you might have to change or re-alter your goals to a new situation in front of you. Keep going and you never know how proud you will feel once you completed your goals, especially if it a challenging one. You will feel like you can do anything in the world even if you had to make a few changes.

**FYI, there will be goals that you might want to drop not because you can’t do it but something has come across and it okay, I had to change a lot of my goals and drop a few of them because I made those goals while I was single now as a wife and mother I have set new goals and I don’t feel bad for my old goals, I just made changes and still pursuing it. **

I do wish you the best of luck in completing your goals, and even though this post has the positive and negative, my purpose is not derailing you. It’s to actually prepare you on what to come and changes are okay.

♥♥ Would like to share your goals with me and other please leave a comment, I would love to hear about them and you never know if you encourage someone else with your goals such as ways to improve our planet. Also in the near future I would love to make a post dedicating other persons goals to encourage and even make a difference in our community or our little world (you never know, ☺). Hopefully by next week I will post what I need from you. ♥♥

Once again, I wish you the best!!!

Though desicion, but it had to be done

I decided to close my business Lil Jomie Creations! What, how can this be!!??? It’s not permanent, it’s only temporary…I feel that it is the time for an upgrade, revamp the look and feel of Lil Jomie Creations, and increase my inventory. I enjoy every minute of my business for the last year but I also notice I made mistake that cost me greatly. I rush into my business, I never sat down and taken the time to plan everything the right way. After weeks of thinking and consulting a few people, I decided to closed it down and refocus my dreams and passion for Lil Jomie Creations.

Now you may be wondering, what going to be the next step or what can we expect Lil Jomie Creations? Well I’ll give you a little peak for what to come. One of the main things I wanted to focus is to build my inventory; I want to create more unique diaper cake all shape and sizes with different materials, party favors, props for photography, and many more!!! Sorry, I wish I can say more but I can’t spoil everything ;-D but I will show sneak peeks from time to time on facebook and here Lil Jomarie!

**One last thing, I want to thank everyone who has been here supporting and following me since I started Lil Jomie Creations and my little blog ❤ you’re the best!!!

Where have I been for the last month young lady…

This whole month had been extremely busy, decision has been made, changes have taken place, new things have been created, and the learning process has been incredible.  One of the first thing I wanted and it’s something that we all know and heard but never applied it into our daily lives which makes everything difficult and dreadful. Okay, please keep your mind open to this…is actually the ability and the process of how our mind work. We all heard it “if you set your mind to it, you can accomplish anything” this quote alone says it all. This whole month I set and force my mind the drive to accomplish everything that I was doing at that moment. During this whole process, I had an AHA moment, I notice we have the habit of talking ourselves out of doing something or dwell on it to the point we refuse to do it.

Every morning exhausted, sleep deprive and the anemia low, I force my mind to get out of bed, make breakfast for my little family, clean my apartment, look through all my accounts, have myself and Emily ready for the day, exercise, play with her and  all this was accomplish before noon…and in each moment when I get tired or my mind want to go into the cozy and comfort mode that prefer to do nothing, I’ll force my mind to do what needs to be done and not dwell on my task. So you can imagine how the rest of my day looks like, cooking, teaching Emily her ABC’s, 123, etc…, doing her birthday supplies, and many more. By the end of the night I want to pass out into my comfy bed. We have a bad habit to dwell on the things that need to be done, which cause us stress with overwhelming piles of tasks that need to be accomplish…Why not give it a try?  I promise you that you will accomplish more, than what you ever done so far.

In other events my little cousin J.J (Jimmy Jr.) turn the big “1” this month, on the 24th was his birthday party and I had the pleasure to make a cookie monster cupcake (which was my first time). The cupcakes came out great, better than I expected and I was extremely happy that everyone love it especially my cousins.

Health update:  My asthma is under control I still have my moments but not has much as before. I been working out and eating right, well sometimes (looking at the ceilings ;-). I had lost 10 pound which made a difference for my asthma. At this moment, I’m going to continue to excising and improve my eating habits. By doing these changes my asthma will improve, to the point, that I can say asthma who. For my anemia, is still a struggle, I think it’s time; I have to eat liver and beats…yuck! ;-D.

These where a few of my daily activities of this month…Thank you and take care

NEWS: OH!!! Before I forget… I’m going to try my best to post daily, if I can’t post daily I will be posting weekly for sure.

Here a picture of me the person behind this blog and my munchkin Emily with her wild and crazy hair ❤

Photo taken with my webcam ❤

Jomarie, Where have you been???

Hi everyone,

I know, I know most of you probably thought I got lost or something…lol…well I didn’t get lost. Unfortunately many things have happen to me since my last post. Okay, so where do I start…not too long ago I experience a really bad asthma attack, which left me in the hospital for days. The day I had an asthma attack I couldn’t move from my bed, it was an effort to move, I couldn’t breathe or talk, it was a very scary moment not only for myself but for my little family. Emily was scared I saw the worriedness in her eyes; she will constantly ask if I’m okay and wouldn’t move from my side. Not only did my asthma play a roll but my anemia was really low. I spent the next few weeks recuperating…yes, my asthma felt so much better, I could breathe easier but I had other challenges as well. I had to deal with my anemia, which my iron was extremely low and I had to fight off dizziness and extreme fatigue.

On the day, that the hospital release me a few hours later I had to run to the emergency room with Emily. She was playing and throwing herself back, my mom caught her by the arm (that way she didn’t hurt her head) and her arm was dislocated after a few hours of waiting the doctor pop her arm in and she was running around the ER like nothing ever happen to her. 2 days later I had a stomach virus and then Emily caught it. After all is done I can finally say that I feel like I’m 85 percent better and I’m ready for the next challenge. Why the 85 percent.. I’m still fighting the anemia but it never stop me before.

What about my school, you may ask, I didn’t drop it…with all the medical situation I had to drop my classes and I WILL return to school in the middle of July.

So what is my next step? I took time off to get better and even though I’m not 100 percent, I know I have to do certain things to get to 100 percent…I’m better enough to start and continue my goals and dreams, and now more than ever I want to accomplish those. For the next few months I will focus on losing weight, taking my medicine without fail, and change not only my eating habit but my little family as well.

I want to live for a long time and especially for my little munchkin and for my other half. So I hope you will follow me in my journey and hopefully it will motivate someone to follow the same but their own personal path to being better.

*** I would like to thank everyone who has been there and supporting me in reaching my goals. I would like to also thank for anyone who read and follow my blogs even though this is my third blog, it means so much to me that you have taken the time to read my blogs. And last I would like to thank everyone who has wish me a speedy recover. Thank You All! ***