Is it 2014, yet?


         It’s been awhile and now it’s the time that I feel it’s the right time to write. Yes, it cliche, new the year is finally here and I’m starting my blog once again.  As we say farewell to 2013, the year I was desperate to finish since the beginning of 2013. My family and I has been hit with a slump that seem to never end. I’m  hoping  confident that 2014 will be there year, not only for myself but  my family as well. As for my goals of 2013, my ideas and plan that I started will be reintroduce but there will be a few changes to them. Well with that said I would like to give a few my experiences, that will help make 2014 one of the best and productive year.

To start off,  I never like to begin my new year by saying my resolution, I prefer the term goals. Reason being if you happen to lose focus on your goals it easier to get back to it. Then stating you failed your resolution and now “I have to wait for 2015”. NO! you’re human you’re entitled to mess up or lose focus. What important it’s to get back to your goals. Keep in mind, things won’t go as you plan, situation will occur that will shake you to your core. That’s okay, and it’s okay if you need to change or alter goals. We grow daily by the influences and experience that we go through. By this your goals will change and that fine, it is healthy. Why keep a goal that will not benefit you needs?

** If you  are interested to read more on how I set my goals, click here. This will take you to an older post, my goals may have change but the way I set it up it’s still the same system.

Look back through the year of 2013, this will you setup your goals. Think what will you like to do, it can be to travel, get better grades, get a promotion and the list goes on.

All it take, is a paper and a pen to start.

All it take, is a paper and a pen to start.

Create a To Do list

        Now I don’t know about anyone, but the beginning of year I do my “spring cleaning”. I like to start my new year with a nice clean apartment, get rid of anything that will not be use or needed.  Unfortunately you can get overwhelm, so this year I decided to do a to do list. I create separate categories, each section of my  apartment is in a category (mind you, my apartment is clean but I haven’t done the “spring cleaning” of 2014). In each category I wrote down what need to be fix, what need to be deep clean,  what I don’t need  and what going to be place there. From there I will create a to do for my husband or super of the building, then once a week I will choose a part of the apartment that need to be deep clean or organize. Now from experience I will never get rid of anything that is useful, it may not be useful to me but it can be a blessing to another. Like I said 2013 was a rough year for us but I don’t think I want to change anything. It taught me to be humble and appreciate what I have. I take all of the belonging that not useful to me or my family and look for someone or donate. I do this because I know there’s someone out there who is going through worse than I am and this will be their blessing.

Organize yourself and your surrounding.

       2013 I was everywhere, I was disorganized, lost , confuse…I couldn’t keep up with anything and it was horrible, a total chaos. To start 2014 right I suggest to get a calendar, it can be any calendar that you will love. It can be really simple or with color coded and whole bunch of stuff. Only you will know what type of calendar/ organizer/planner that you want and that will WORK FOR YOU &/OR YOUR FAMILY!

The biggest advice that I should have taken for the 2013.

       In order to accomplish anything in life either starting your own business, get promote, finish school…you have to organize or fix yourself and/or your household…even if you live with someone.  It doesn’t mean that you will never go through something but you will be better prepared to handle the situation. When you have everything organize and a situation occurs within yourself and household your are capable to do anything and address the situation. This is also a stress reliever or can minimize the stress that will occur. this is a stress that can be avoid knowing that you have your house organize, yourself organize and your family organize. Keep in mind when something changes or a situation occur you better prepare to handle and alter what need to be alter.

I hope that this post will you  in someway or somehow to start off the new year right.

I won’t promise anything but I might post my goals for 2014, how I’m organizing myself and my family and among others stuff.

****Please note that what I have been writing is my personal view you can either change certain things to benefit yourself. Everyone is different, only you know what works for you and if you’re doing this for the first time trial and error will help you make the best schedule for yourself****

Till next time & Happy New Year!!!



We are toward the end of June, the halfway mark of 2012.

What have we done to so far this year?

At the beginning of every year before January 1st roll by, we all sit down and make our New Year resolution. Some people take it serious, while others make a joke about it but in all serious have you kept up with your New Year resolution or have you forgotten about it? Don’t feel bad majority of people either forget or give up on it. I’m one of those people I forget what promises I made on December 31st but then again I always take it as a joke. I never like to use that term or wait till January 1st to start new in my life. If you really wanted to start new or change something you do it ASAP anytime, any month, any day.

Okay I don’t use New Year resolution, what do I use? I prefer to use goals and soon to make my dreams come true. If you have read some of my other blogs such as Monday is a new start, you will see I set up 3 different goals in order to lose weight my main goal, short-term goals and my mini goal. If you would like to read Monday is a new start, click here -> I love to set my goals, it helps me to stay on focus in my upside down life and I make many of them and no it not chaotic :-). I honestly think goals can be set up anytime time and about anything you want it to be, you don’t have to wait for the New Year to start on what need to be change, you can start it right now!!!  What perfect about setting your goals, if we forget our goals or mess up it okay we all human, it not the end of the world. It a new experience or something has happen that derail you from reaching your goals, this is not to discourage you on setting your goals, its reality (you wouldn’t want me to sugar coat it?). Getting back, what great about it you can get right back to it and continue reaching those goals you laid out for yourself, it has happen to me so many times that I derails myself from my goals but I get back on it and once I reach my goals I feel extremely proud of myself even more so because I gotten derail and got back on it.

So are you ready to sit down and write down your goals, it only take a paper and pen to start. It pretty simple to start and you can start one goal (as time goes, you can add more goals). If you have already set a few of them, go and review them and see if you need to alter them or even bring the inspiration back to life. Just to give an example, I’ll add one of my goals and this goal is actually a new one:

Goal: To purchase our first home and save a down payment in 3 years


  • If we save $287 a month in 3 years we would have $10,000.
  • Increase and fix our credit score (MUST do research)
  • Pay down as much debt as we can (that way were not house broke and help with our credit)

Keep in mind that there will be challenges reaching your goals and possibly you might have to change or re-alter your goals to a new situation in front of you. Keep going and you never know how proud you will feel once you completed your goals, especially if it a challenging one. You will feel like you can do anything in the world even if you had to make a few changes.

**FYI, there will be goals that you might want to drop not because you can’t do it but something has come across and it okay, I had to change a lot of my goals and drop a few of them because I made those goals while I was single now as a wife and mother I have set new goals and I don’t feel bad for my old goals, I just made changes and still pursuing it. **

I do wish you the best of luck in completing your goals, and even though this post has the positive and negative, my purpose is not derailing you. It’s to actually prepare you on what to come and changes are okay.

♥♥ Would like to share your goals with me and other please leave a comment, I would love to hear about them and you never know if you encourage someone else with your goals such as ways to improve our planet. Also in the near future I would love to make a post dedicating other persons goals to encourage and even make a difference in our community or our little world (you never know, ☺). Hopefully by next week I will post what I need from you. ♥♥

Once again, I wish you the best!!!

A fear that cost me to stop writing…

It’s been awhile since I written something, it’s been a crazy month and a few weeks (I will do a quick recap at the end of this blog). As I sit on my bed with the munchkin sleeping next to me, I can’t help to feel a little anxious in writing this blog. It’s not because I don’t have anything to say, I have plenty to say.What is causing this fear or anxiety is my grammar. Most of you who have been reading my other blogs know my grammar is not perfect and I know it’s a big issue not only for this blog but for work, school, interacting with others and so on. I always knew the importance of grammar and I have been practicing but for some reason it just doesn’t want to go through my head. Which is frustrating in my part because I learn everything else with ease. Don’t get me wrong I won’t give up on it and I plan to work extra hard till I’m flawless. I guess the reason I bring this up was the fear that was growing inside of me, which lead me the fear to write and look like a fool. I can’t let this fear stop me or how else will I learn and perfect it or express myself or write a novel, which is something I always wanted to do. So if you are reading this and have been following or new to my blog, all I ask is to be patient with me and this learning process.

Now that my anxiety is under control, it is time to let everyone know what to expect from me!

  • As of yesterday, I started to work out in order to lose weight and become healthier. I will be recording my process weekly, which will contain my weight at that moment, what I eat, how I felt that day emotional and physically, and the type of exercise I have done throughout the day. At this moment,  I’m still debating what day I will post my weekly progress, most likely on Mondays.
  • I will try to post something on a daily basis but to be honest the summer is here, Joey and I planned activities everyday with Emily (Joey gets out of work early during summer).
  • In the next few weeks I will be posting sneak peeks of the creations that I been making for Lil Jomie Creations.
  • I have a few more ideas on my mind on what to expect but it still debatable, let see how everything ends up.

I’m extremely excited of the new adventures that coming our (my little family) way, it won’t be easy but I can’t wait to try and see the end results.  Here a quick recap on what been going on with myself and my family…

I like to be creative, enjoy!

As we all know that my munchkin birthday party was on April 21st, which she had a blast as well as for my guest and her birthday on the 25th where I bake cupcakes and watch her blow out the candle with a few family members. I can’t believe she two already and the terrible two is something else… ;-).

After 12 years of living in Cicero Bronx, N.Y, my parent move 4 blocks away from my apartment. I have live there for 11 years, it’s Emily  first home and watch her grow for a year, it were she learn how to crawl, walk, said her first word, and many more. It was sad to say good bye.

My parent weren’t the only one who move, my sister in law Sandy bought her FIRST HOME!!!  Last weekend her family and my in laws move to their new home, which is gorgeous!!! Sandy and I are planning to do many creative piece for her new home. I’m excited and happy for them.

Finally, I been focusing on my grammar, how to use my Nikon D3100 manually, Photoshop, and of course making creations, tons of creations!

Now it’s time for me to say, until next time!

p.s  Please bare with me, I’m trying to customize my blog…so you might see different themes for the next few weeks. Thank you for your understanding!