My Weekly Lifestyle: Weekly Report

Hello everyone,

Happy Tuesday!!! This week I decided to change things up a bit. Instead of posting my weekly lifestyle change on a Monday I decided to post this up today. Reason being I did another video which It’s posted on Lil’ Jomie Creations Youtube channel to kick start the journey. We are towards the end of January. So the question that I ask is have you started on your new lifestyle change and if you have, good for you keep on going. If not, what are you waiting for??? So I wanted to make this video easy to help you start off right. Want to watch the video scroll on down or click on the link. Don’t forget to follow for more great videos!

That’s enough chit- chat let’s get down to business, here is my weekly report.

Monday 01/12/2015:


Tae-bo for 45 minutes, 15 minutes of yoga, 50 Squats and 8,375 steps.


6:30am: Coffee and beagle with cream cheese

11:33am: Sandwich of wheat bread, turkey and cheese

5:46pm: Yellow rice and pieces of whole chicken

10:45pm: Hershey cookie and cream bar

2 Cups of water, slept for 6 hours, after my work out I felt exhausted.


Tuesday 01/13/2015:


Tae-bo for 45 minutes, 55 squats and 8,973 steps.


12:10pm: Mac and cheese with corn, green beans and spam

6:35pm: Vegetable rice and chicken

1 Cups of water, slept for 4 hours, I’m exhausted.


Wednesday 01/14/2015:


Tae-bo for 45 minutes, 60 squats and 5,235 steps.


10:35am: Bowl of honey bunches of oats and coffee

12:06pm: Sandwich of Italian bread, salami and cheese

5:30pm: Mash potatoes, corn, green beans and steak.

3 Cups of water, slept for 5 1/2 hours, hurt my knee during the workout.


Thursday 01/15/15:


I did not work out today; I had to rest my knee but I did 9,735 steps


2:15am: Coffee

11:15am: Bowl of honey bunches of oats

5:00pm: White rice, beans and ribs

2 cups of water and slept for 2 hours. Felt tired but my knee felt better as the day went on.


Friday 01/16/2015:


45 minutes of Tea Bo, 70 squats, 15 minutes of yoga and 4,401 steps


10:00am: Waffles and sausages

2:00pm: 2 Hot dogs

6:45pm: Yellow rice and chicken

2 cups of water and slept for 7 1/2 hours, after my workout I really felt exhausted.


Saturday 01/17/2015:


No exercise, only did 2,929 steps


10:15am: Coffee

6:00pm: Wendy’s

2 Cups of water and slept for 6 hours.


Sunday 01/17/2015


My knee was hurting me on this day only took 524 steps


10:45am: Coffee and small pancake.

2:45pm: Yogurt

5:45pm: Pasta, made with ground beef and Ragu sauce. On the side course is garlic bread and salad.

3 Cups of water and slept for 6 hours.



Note to self:

After reviewing this week:

  • I have to make sure I drink 8 glasses of water each day.
  • Take multi-vitamins and iron pills daily or make all natural shakes.
  • I need to eat every 4 hours,I need to have a reminder or alarm on my phone.
  • Need to plan meals, a week in advance.


Tip of the Week: 

Getting back into a workout routine is hard. The first and second week you will tumble but stick to it. By the third week it becomes easier and the fourth week you’re back to your old or new routine. Don’t get discouraged, I gain 10 pounds out of the 37 I lost. Am I upset? No. Why? Because, I enjoyed my holiday’s with great food and good company. Now, get up and do what you need to do to reach your goals.


To watch my video click on the link or copy and paste: Motivational tips to a healthier lifestyle:

Keep going!!



My Weekly Lifestyle: Weekly Report

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

This week I haven’t gain or lost. This is normal for me when my “best friend” comes to visit every month.


Monday 11/10/2014:


Tae-bo for 45 minutes


6:30am: Coffee and Beagle with butter

1:15pm: Bread Rolls

3:46pm: Rice, beans and chicken

8:33pm: Vanilla yogurt

8 Cups of water, slept for 7 hours, after my work out I felt great.


Tuesday 11/11/2014:


45 minutes of walking and rake the leaves


9:30am:  Bowl of corn pops and coffee

6:15pm: Chinese food

9 Cups of water, slept for 3 hours, I’m exhausted.


Wednesday 11/12/2014:


60 minutes of walking


9:30am: Coffee

12:45pm: Whole wheat bread with turkey and cheese sandwich

5:30pm: Rice, beans and grilled chicken

8 Cups of water, slept for 5 1/2 hours.


Thursday 11/13/14:


Didn’t have the time to exercise


2:45am: Coffee

11:15am: Sandwich made of turkey and cheese

7:00pm: Home Fries

10 cups of water and slept for 2 hours. Felt exhausted L.


Friday 11/14/2014:


45 minutes of Tea Bo


8:00am: Bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with almond milk.

2:00pm: 1 Slice of pizza

6:45: Bowl of fruits

10 cups of water and slept for 3 1/2 hours, after my workout I really felt exhausted.


Saturday 11/15/2014:


No exercise


10:15am: Coffee and Avena

4:00pm: Yellow rice with guandules (pigeon pea) and potato salad

6:15pm or 7:00pm: A piece of cake with ice cream

9 Cups of water and slept for 8 hours. Went to my beautiful cousin “2” birthday party!!!


Sunday 11/16/2014


I didn’t exercise hard but I was deep cleaning my apartment.  I did do certain exercise position (i.e squats, lounges, etc) to makeup of not doing a 45 minutes full body workout. Well I can say I did a little exercise, lol.


10:45am: Coffee, small pancake, boiled egg and banana.

1:45pm: Bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with almond milk.

5:45pm: Wendy’s pretzel burger meal (I know I shouldn’t but my “best friend” came and I crave a burger).

8 Cups of water and slept for 9 hours.



Note to self:

After reviewing this week:

  • I still need to sleep 6-8 hours a day.
  • Take multi-vitamins and iron pills daily or make all natural shakes.
  • I need to eat every 4 hours, need to have a reminder alarm on my phone.
  • Find fun exercise activities do to with Emily during the cold weather.


Tip of the Week: 

When facing a change in your lifestyle, in the beginning it will be difficult. Especially when you add something new, unexpected and quick to your life it can be difficult to manage yourself and everything else around you. With this week tip, it is something extremely simple and it helps you stay on track.

When you manage and organize your household everything else falls into place.  Meaning when your household is clean, organized and your everyday responsibility are met, all the extra activities will fall into place. I’m not saying you need a perfect household but it easier for me to come home knowing I don’t need to spend so much of my time with the household task. With this knowledge I’m able to exercise, spend time with my munchkin and perform other activities in my list without the worries of my daily task (mind you, I still need to perform my daily task but I’m able to do them quickly and efficient).







Keep going,



My Weekly Lifestyle: Weekly Report

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

I lost a total of 37 pounds yay!!! This week I haven’t gain or lost.


Monday 11/3/2014:

Workout:  Tae-bo for 45 minutes and 30 minutes Zumba,


6:30am: Coffee and Beagle with butter

4:45pm: Rice, beans and chicken

8:40pm: A bowl of strawberries

8 Cups of water, slept for 5 hours, after my work out I felt great.


Tuesday 11/4/2014:

Workout:  Tae-bo for 45 minutes and Zumba for 30 minutes


9:30am: Small bowl of oatmeal with strawberry

3:15pm: Small Chili and Small French fries from Wendy’s

8 Cups of water, slept for 7 hours, woke up with asthma pace myself..


Wednesday 11/5/2014:

Workout: 45 minutes of Tae-bo and Zumba for 15 minutes.


9:45am: Egg burrito mix with spam, green and red peppers

2:45pm: A bowl of dry honey bunches of oats and coffee.

5:30pm: Baked potato with sausage

8 Cups of water, slept for 5 1/2 hours, I work out hard and was able to keep up with the video.


Thursday 11/6/14:

Workout:  Walk for 1 Hour


2:30am: Coffee

5:45am: Coffee and a donut

10:45pm: Salami and cheese sandwich

4:45pm: Rice, beans and chicken

8 cups of water and slept for 3 hours. Felt exhausted


Friday 11/7/2014:

Workout:  No exercise


10:00am: Coffee and butter bagel

6:00pm: Pizza

8 cups of water, a few cups of soda and slept for 5 1/2 hours. Sleepover with my cousin!!!


Saturday 11/8/2014:

Workout:  No exercise


10:15am: Coffee

2:06pm: Homemade burgers

4:45pm: Cereal Fruit Loops

8 Cups of water and slept for 4 hours.


Sunday 11/8/2014

Workout: No exercise


10:45am: Coffee

2:45pm: Wendy’s Small Chili, chicken nuggets and small French fries

8 Cups of water and slept for 4 hours.



Note to self:

After reviewing this week:

  • I need sleep 6-8 hours a day.
  • Take multi-vitamins and iron pills daily.
  • I need to eat every 4 hours.
  • Plan how to exercise, when planning a fun activity.


Tip of the Week: 

This is not my proudest week, when it comes to eating healthy and working out. In a way I’m glad it did happen, it shows I’m only human. I’m bound to make mistake and lose track of my eating habits and my workouts. My tip for this week, if you fallen don’t get discourage, learn from it. Everything will not fall into place in one day or one week it takes time but don’t give up or get discourage.  This is how we learn!



Keep going,



My Weekly Lifestyle: Steps for a better results to reach your goals

Happy Monday Everyone!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Welcome to my new and improve weekly lifestyle. I’m pretty much excited to be doing this section of my blog again and as you notice I decided to change from weekly workout to weekly lifestyle. I thought it will give me a wide range of different options to improve on myself, like they say if you don’t like the way your life heading change it. I want my daughter Emily to have a positive role model when it comes to living a healthy and happy life.

Now for a quick recap, of what been happening with my life for the last year. It’s been a really rough year for my family, which has taken a lot of my time and drain me mentally and physically. For the last 4 months I have taken the time to focus on my health and to lose weight and I’m proud to say I lost a total of 37 pounds. It wasn’t easy but I made time to work out on a daily basis. Not only did I slim down but my asthma has not been a bother to me, except now for the change of weather but it manageable. I’m not taking a pump every day, almost every 4 hours. I’m able to run and jump with Emily and that a reward in itself to see her happy that her mami is acting silly with her. So, with everything said I will start off the first two steps I did, then the reason for my plans and what to expect every Monday.

The first step I did was to write everything down, what are my main goals, short term goal, reason I decided to lose weight and my plans to lose the weight.

My Main Goal: Lose 122 pounds
My Medium Goal: Lose 50 pounds
My Short Term Goal: Lose 20 pound this month

Reasons to lose weight: : Around April my parents and I took Emily to Disney World. I had a fear if I get on a ride they might tell me I need to get off because I was too heavy for it. I spend the whole vacation watching her have fun on the sideline getting on every ride with my dad. That not the only time during the summer Emily and I had fun but everywhere we went my self-esteem and the fear left me on the sideline. That when the reality came crashing down, I want to be able to get on ride with her and live life to the fullest not site on the sideline. I didn’t grow up sitting on the sideline, I always been an adventures person and my daughter has that same quality. I took matters, I did something, I started to process to lose weight. I want to be able to run, jump and keep up with my daughter. I want to take control of my asthma, anemia, make my heart stronger and avoid any other medical conditions such as diabetes. I want to buy clothes and feel comfortable wearing them and to feel confident and sexy; I want to live till I’m old and see my great grandchildren. I would like to have more children without the fear that they will lose their mother. I know I will be comfortable and happy being 150, I love having meat on bones. I also want to set an example for Emily, that way she is healthy and avoid future medical problems such as diabetes (it runs strong on her father side) and asthma (which runs strong on both side of the family, I had my asthma at the age of 19 or 20).

My plans: I will do a workout DVD Tae Bo (it help me lose weight before) every morning, walk every day 15 minutes to start and increase as the day goes by, go to planet fitness 3 times a week to do weights to strength my body and keep my skin tight, I also would like to include yoga every other day to stretch my muscle, be flexible and especially have inner peace. I will rest on Sundays and have my cheat day or meal on Saturdays or Sundays. If I do have a cheat meal during the week (by going to an amusement park , etc) I will make sure to work out the next day and wait for the following Saturday to have my next cheat meal.

My eating habits: I will eat moderate portions, no soda or junk food (only on my cheat day), I will eat every 3 to 4 hours, 6 meals a day, 3 meals and 3 snacks and not eat past 8pm. Drink 8 glasses of water daily.

Now that you see, what I written for myself, I will explain what I have done and how can it benefit yourself as well:

• For the first week, I say start off slow, get your body into the flow of moving around. Remember your body is not use to moving around so much, it been stuck in the same routine for months by the following week start on your plan.
• Write everything down your reasons first, this will help you reach your goal. By writing your reasons, you learn more about yourself and why you decided to make that first step, this will help you stay in focus especially moments when you feel like giving up or leave it for tomorrow and tomorrow will never come.
• Write your main goal, your medium goals and your short term goals next. Your main goal should be what you want to lose overall, but it will get frustrating and you will get discourage to see that high number and will feel like you’re not losing weight fast enough that where the frustration and discourage will come about. That why you write your medium and short term goal it will be easier and once you reach it your boost will go up and then you want to make another short term goal to continue losing that weight and feel happy and confident (for me, personally I like to also add a mini goal, lose 5 pounds per week)

**FYI if you did not reach your goals is okay don’t get discourage look back what you did see if there anything that need to be change such as changing your workout routine or it may be what you been eating. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Keep moving forward we all go through this, so don’t worry if you don’t reach your goal. If for any reason you don’t understand what you did wrong, consult with others they may see something that you didn’t see in the first place.**

• Write everything down, the more detail the better. This will guide you through your workout and eating habits. Writing in details will help you see your progress, not only losing weight , you will see a tremendous change in the way you run, walk, able to lift certain heavy objects that you couldn’t before, happiness, Energy and the list will go on. Also, if your weight training 3 day a week like myself, it great to have your journal with you by letting yourself know what you did last week and up a notch this week.
• Have a cheat day or meal but please monitor what you eat during this time. The reason for a cheat meal is to help control those urges of eating the things we love but know it not good. How can this help? Well most people go on a diet, a strict diet, lose the weight and decided they can eat healthy but have their not so good meals here and there. Now, they start to like the food their eating, forgets all the progress they have done, and they have gain double the weight from where they started off. Having a cheat meal is not to hurt you but to help you move forward, plus I love food, all kinds of food. Having my cheat meal is my reward for workout hard and doing things right.

****Please note what I have writing is my personal view you can either change certain things to benefit yourself. Only you know what you’re capable of and how far you can go beyond. Most of the tips I put up, are tips that I read, look up, or learn when I work in a gym (years ago). ****

What can you expect every Monday,

• Tips that I either look up online or consulted with a nutritionist or personal trainer.
• Ideas on how to manage a busy schedule with work, school, and / or children.
• My weekly bio, what in my journal for that week and my progress, in a more detail format than last week.
• Also if anyone wants to share their own personal experience and the progress of losing weight, strength training or any other experience. Please feel free to drop a comment, I will get in contact with you and send you a guide line of what we need from you. This will be great for the motivation!!!!

Here are some photos of my progress of losing weight, top is the most recent photo.

10460758_10152329337006846_3311676281420268540_n 10469335_10152288466951846_4073310756318797195_n 1601437_10152251766256846_5843307648119565264_n







Also, if you want to see my  first video partially base on this post, please visit my facebook page, Lil Jomie Creations. I know it’s not the best quality and I know you will see how nervous I am through the video. I find recording myself scary but I know once I continue to make more videos you will see more of a confidence within me and a better video quality. Either way I added a tip to this video, hopefully it will prepare anyone who want to start or is feeling discourage.


I wish you luck on this journey to a better life style, have a great day!

Monday, Weekly Workout 7/14/13

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!

Last week weight (7/8): 262

This week weight (7/14): 257

I lost 5 pounds, yay!!!  I’m very happy.


Monday 7/8/2013:

Workout:  Tae-bo for 45 minutes, 15 minutes Zumba, and walk for 15 minutes

Meals: 8:45am: Home Fries

12:30pm: 2 Hot dogs

5:40pm: Cup and half of white rice, red beans and pork chops

8:30pm: Handful of grapes, half of peach and half of a mango

8 Cups of water, slept for 6 hours, after my work out I felt great and energize.

Tuesday 7/9/2013:

Workout:  Walk for 15 minutes and 20 Minutes of Zumba

Meals: 6:30am: Coffee and a bagel with cream cheese

10:50pm: Fruit bowl with 1 apricot, grapes and strawberry

3:55pm: Bowl of Honey Bunches of oats cereal with almond and regular milk

7:40pm:  Sandwich with wheat bread, turkey and Swiss cheese

7 Cups of water, slept for 4 hours, after my work out I felt a little tired.

Wednesday 7/10/2013:

Workout: 45 minutes of Tae-bo and walk for 20 minutes

Meals: 9:30am: Bowl of Honey Bunches of oats cereal with almond and regular milk

1:45pm: Bake French fries.

6:40pm: Pasta with olive oil, garlic powder and parsley and 2 pieces of spam

10:30pm: Bowl of fruits of strawberry, grapes and orange

7 Cups of water, slept for 6 hours, after my work out I felt a little tired.

Thursday 7/11/13:

Workout:  Walk for 15 minutes and 10 minutes of Zumba

Meals:   9:00am: Coffee and Bagel with Cream Cheese

1:15pm: Chicken Salad of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, corn and blue cheese dressing

5:30pm: Rice, red beans and pieces of whole chicken

10:00pm: Bowl of Honey nut cheerios with regular milk

8 cups of water and slept for 8 hours. Felt refresh and energize.

Friday 7/12/2013:

Workout:  30 Minute Zumba

Meals: 10:00am: Scramble eggs and toast

2:15pm: Fruit bowl of banana, strawberry, and orange.

5:55pm: Potatoes lasagna had mash potatoes, ground beef and cheese. (I over eat and was really stuff, I didn’t eat the rest of the night)

8 cups of water and slept for 5 1/2 hours. I was mentally exhaustedL.

Saturday 7/13/2013:

Workout:  I didn’t work out. I went to my little cousin birthday party.

Meals: 6:15am: Coffee and a bagel with cream cheese

2:00pm: Microwave chef Boyardee of raviolis.

5:17pm: Hotdogs and a burger and 3 cups of soda

10:00pm: Hot chocolate with marshmallows.

5 Cups of water and slept for 4 hours.

Sunday 7/14/2013

Workout:  I didn’t work out today on Saturday I twisted my ankle and again today at work.

Meals: 6:45am: Coffee and a glaze donut.

12:45pm: Wendy’s Small Chili and a chicken sandwich.

5:15pm: Sandwich of turkey and Swiss cheese.

** Went to bed early**

8 Cups of water and slept for 4 hours.

Note to self:

After reviewing this week:

  • I need sleep 6-8 hours a day.
  • Take multi-vitamins and iron pills daily.
  • Add a little more effort when it comes to working out.


Tip of the Week: This week I decided not to post a tip. The tip I had in mind needs a little more research, you can expect next week’s tip to have plenty of information.

Wish you the best,


Monday, Weekly Workout 7/8/13

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!

Last week weight (7/1): 260

This week weight (7/7): 262

I gain 2 pounds. I’m not happy about it, since the last time I post my weekly workout my weight has been up and down about a pound or two. So I’m not that upset because I could off gain more than two pounds.


Monday 7/1/2013

Workout:  Tae-bo for 45 minutes and 15 minutes Zumba

Meals: 8:00am: 2 Small pancake and a glass of milk.

12:00pm: Homemade bake French fries with 2 pieces of spam

4:30pm: Cup and half of white rice, black beans and 1 piece of ribs

8:30pm: Cup of Kellogg’s corn flakes.

3 Cups of water, slept for 5 hours, after my work out I felt great and energize.

Tuesday 7/2/2013

Workout:  30 minutes of Zumba and walk for 15 minutes.

Meals: 6:30am: Coffee and a donut from dunkin donuts

11:00am: One kit kat big bar and half of a bottle of minute maid fruit punch

3:35pm: Mac and cheese with 2 spam

7:00pm: Cup of white rice and beans

5 Cups of water, slept for 4 1/2 hours, after my work out I felt exhausted (I had my monthly)

Wednesday 7/3/2013

Workout: 45 minutes of Tae-bo and walk for 10 minutes

Meals: 9:00am: Bowl of Kellogg’s corn flakes

1:36pm: Small chili from Wendy’s

5:20pm: Pasta, chicken and a little bit of Ragu sauce.

11:15pm: Small bowl of Kellogg’s corn flakes

6 Cups of water, slept for 7 hours, after my work out I felt a little tired but I had energy for the rest of the day

Thursday 7/4/13: Happy 4th of July

Workout: I did not work out today. I went to Boston.

Meals:   12:00pm: 1 Bag of pretzel

3:40pm: Whopper sandwich, French fries and a medium Coke.

** During the car ride to Boston, I had a bag of candy and Snapple**

9:45pm: Nacho with ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese

4 bottles of water (8oz) and slept for 6 hours.

Friday 7/5/2013

Workout: I did not work out. I was in Boston and Home Sweet Home (yes, I was only in Boston for a day.)

Meals: 11:00am: An omelet with cheese, spinach and mushroom, and a side of hash brown. Also had 2 glass of pepsi

4:30pm:  Yellow rice with beans, steak and a huge bowl of salad.

9:45pm: Sandwich with wheat bread, ham, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes and a side of chicken noddle soup from Panera.

6 Bottles of water (8oz) and slept for 4 hours.

Saturday 7/6/2013

Workout:  I didn’t work out. I rested on this day.

Meals: 11:45am: Scramble eggs, wheat toast and three slice of bacon.

3:30pm: 2 Hotdogs

7:00pm: Small bag of popcorn (watching Despicable Me 2)

9:45pm: Chicken Noddle soup from Panera

8 Cups of water and slept for 12 hours.

Sunday 7/7/2013

Workout:  Another day of not working out.

Meals: 6:55am: Coffee and Banana

12:45pm: Bowl of cereal (I forgot name of it) and coffee.

4:30pm: White rice, red beans and grill chicken.

8:30pm: Bowl of grapes.

7 Cups of water and slept for 5 hours.

Note to self:

After reviewing this week:

  • I need sleep 6-8 hours a day.
  • Take multi-vitamins and iron pills daily
  •  Take fruits to snack on when I go to work.
  • Most likely I’m going to be in and out of Boston for the rest of the summer, I need to plan and prepare meals to take on the road. Also, for exercising I walk for half an hour.


Tip of the week:  It’s hard to keep up with the healthy life style on the road. I know this summer most likely I will be going back and forth from NYC to Boston (do to family situations). In order to continue eating well and exercise one needs to plan meals and snacks to take on the road. If you have a nationwide gym membership use it, if not walk for half an hour to an hour take a family member with you and talk ( the hour will go by fast) or look up exercise to do at home. For eating out, we are all tempted to eat everything in the menu for this use your judgment, share a meal or eat half and save the other for the  next day.

I feel if you’re not on the road a lot and decided to splurge, I personally say go ahead but when you get back from the road go back to your routine. If you’re going to be on the road a lot, like myself then you have to make a plan and work with what you have, if not you may gain twice as much.


News:  I decided not to post my daughters exercise and workout routine. She is also on the path of eating well and exercise; mostly she eats what I eat with the exception of a couple of things here and there. She eats every 4 hours, drinks plenty of water more than 8 glasses a day, and eats all her fruits and vegetables. I make sure she does her exercise by letting her run around in the park, playing her dance central for kids, sports and soon she will take swim classes. At this time I decided not to post her results.


Wish you the best,


Taking back my life. Even if my world is upside down, it will be an organized upside down world.

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been awhile since I posted my Monday, weekly workouts. It’s no surprise that I been derailed. Being that it’s the summer (BBQ’s, Birthdays, beaches, amusement parks, etc.), the everyday responsibilities (working, appointments, home cleaning, cooking, everyday essentials shopping, etc.) and the unfortunates emergency (hospitals, deaths, family crisis, etc.). It’s so easy to derail yourself from your goals.

One of my biggest problem and mainly the reason I haven’t sat down and scheduled my time (even if there has been an emergency). I was never like this not too long ago I would schedule, write everything down and I always been on point of everything. Unfortunate I let a little nasty depression turn my world upside down. Well not anymore, I’m taking back my life. Even if my world is upside down, it will be an organized upside down world…haha.

**First order of business, Monday weekly workout will be back on 7/8/13 with another post my family weekly workout. **

Instead of doing a Monday weekly workout today, I decided to dedicate this post on how I’m organizing myself (this would be the first of many but it will be posted on a different day, the day will be coming soon**) I know I have to schedule myself in order to reach my many goals, which one major goal is to lose weight and improve my health.  So here it goes my first step:

First, I’ve taken a piece of paper and pen and wrote down the days of the week. From there I wrote the daily routine of the week which is work schedule and hours, workout routine, Emily learning path, Joey work hours and schedule, cleaning, coupons, and church this is my week overview (photo shown below).

It take only a paper & a pen

I wanted to hang my week overview where either I or Joey can see. It’s great when I write my week in details on my planner. Now I wanted to make it look nice, so I made a template on excel, decorated it and color coded it for that particular person such as Emily is pink, I’m purple and Joey is blue. Now it’s hanging above my desk on a bulletin board (photo show below).

weekly overview Weekly overview

Last of scheduling myself, I write my weekly schedule on my planner (which I made). Keep in mind some is already pre-written in my planner. My planner consists of a monthly two page overview and a week on two pages. Everything that I write on my planner is color coded; I find it is easier to find what I’m looking for. My color code is red for bills, pink is for Emily, Purple is anything that pertains to me, Blue is Joey, Orange is Birthdays, Lavender is for Little Jomie Creations, my blog and youtube (photos are show below). I write everything else in pencil and black ink for important information that I don’t want to erase easily.

Planner Planner Planner

For an added note: I just wrote and overview for Lil Jomie Creations, this blog and youtube. All of my details and information in a separate binder but that is for another day, another post.

****Please note that what I have been writing is my personal view you can either change certain things to benefit yourself. Everyone is different, only you know what works for you and if you’re doing this for the first time trial and error will help you make the best schedule for yourself****


If you have any tips that you would like to share I would love to hear them, I’m open minded, I’m willing to try. I’m always looking for the best way to perfect my system (even though we know their is nothing perfect…hahaha but a system that will work for me and my loved ones).

Happy Scheduling,


Monday, Weekly Workout 5/27/13

Wishing everyone a great Memorial Day!

Also, let’s take the time to honor Americas Heroes, thank you for your service.

Last week weight (5/20): 262

This week weight (5/27): 260

I lost 2 pounds!!!


Monday 5/20/2013

Workout:  Tae-bo for 45 minutes.

Meals: 8:00am: Home fries w/ sausage

3:00pm: 2 Hotdog

6:30pm: Pasta season with olive oil and garlic and 1 grill chicken

3 Cups of water, slept for 3 hours, after my work out I felt extremely exhausted, taken 2 multivitamin.

Tuesday 5/21/2013

Workout:  I didn’t do any work out. I went to work and deep clean my apartment.

Meals: 6:35am: Bagel w/ cream cheese and Snapple mango

3:00pm: Microwave Beefaroni

6:20pm: Homemade tacos (eat 3)

5 Cups of water and slept for 4 hours

Wednesday 5/22/2013

Workout: Half an hour Zumba

Meals: 8:00am: Eggs and bacon

1:24pm: Bertolli soup

5:00pm: Rice, beans and chicken wings (2)

3 Cups of water and slept for 7 hours

Thursday 5/23/13

Workout:  Another day of not working out. Was running errands all day .

Meals:   6:30am: Coffee and a bagel w/ cream cheese

1:16pm: Sandwich ham and cheese

5:35pm: Bertolli pasta

5 Cups of water and slept for 5 1/2 hours.

Friday 5/24/2013

Workout: Walk for an hour and played Zumba for an half an hour

Meals: 10:35am: 2 Pancake

2:53pm:  Bagel with cream cheese

9:15pm: Went to Cici Pizza buffet, 2 slices and a bowl of soup (also had a cup of soda)

6 Cups of water and slept for 4 1/2 hours

Saturday 5/25/2013

Workout:  I didn’t work out. I continued deep cleaning my apartment.

Meals: 9:36am: Bowl of cereal.

2:45pm: Sandwich of ham and cheese

7:30pm: Japanese, Beef teriyaki and vegetable tempura (also had 2 cups of soda)   .

5 Cups of water and slept for 4 hours.

Sunday 5/26/2013

Workout:  Play and run all over the park with my munchkin for an hour. I went to work and prepare for tomorrow BBQ’s.

Meals: 6:55am: Bagel with cream cheese

1:15pm: Pernil Sandwich

10:35pm: Bowl of cereal

6 Cups of water and slept for 5 hours.

Note to self:

After reviewing this week, I still need to improve the same as the week before:

  • I need sleep 6-8 hours a day.
  • Take  multi-vitamins and iron pills daily
  •  Force myself to work out on the days that I work.
  • Drink 8 cups of water daily and limit my soda intake to one can a week.
  • Make and eat snacks in between my meals like fruits, vegetables and/ or nuts.
  • Eat every 4 hours.


Tip of the week:  After reviewing the last few weeks with my daily workout routines, eating, and every other routine outside of this I realize I NEED to do a schedule. Which is something I know from the beginning and I always had a habit that I start and never quite stick to it. Either today or tomorrow (it might take a little longer to find a right schedule) I will be sitting and making a schedule that involves with myself and my family. My tip is to sit down and jot down everything that you and your family (if you do have one) do on a regular basis, and outside of your regular routine.  Take a calendar and jot down the time of your regular routine after you finish with the regular plan on your workout routine, what time you’re going to exercise, the time you’re going to eat, what type of workout and your meal plan.


This is a quick tip to start of your schedule for your everyday life to mesh with your workouts. Now I’m starting to realize that this type of scheduling deserve its own post. So, for the next  few days I will be making my schedule that involves with my daily ( and my family) routine and get this ball rolling, I believe this will help me to lose weight and keep track of everything that going on with my life. Keep checking back or follow my blog (that way you can receive an email when I post my article) and I will give a detail information how I schedule myself with photos. Hopefully by that time I will have my youtube channel up and I will post it as well.


News: Starting next Monday, I will be posting two post one for my weekly workout but also one for my family weekly workout. I feel that the whole journey of living a better and healthy lifestyle should be involved with the whole family. So, you will be able to follow my journey and the journey of my family in two different posts. I do apologize in advance for the two posts in one day; Monday is the start of the new week for all of us when it comes to our workout.


Wish you the best,


What been going on?

Once again I add more things to my list before I could sit down to realize what I did. At this time I will write a brief post on what going on and what to expect for the remaining of this week and next. I reopen Lil Jomie Creations, at this moment I’m selling my creations on Etsy…if you would like to see my little shop click here…(psst spread the word, thanks!). I will be placing photos of what I place on the shop and other projects that I done and currently working on, I will also be showing my very first diaper cake and the party favors I did for my cousin baby shower. I will repost my weekly workout not this Monday but the next Monday 8/27/12. If you wonder why not this Monday, I’m restarting my workout schedule this Monday, I’m not happy that I gain what I lost, too much birthday parties and barbecue. Can’t complain, the food was good and spending time with the family is even better (before we are all too busy with work, schools, and so on). I also have a part-time job which I know I will be enjoying (wish I can say, but I don’t know if I’m going against guidelines, I will double-check on that).  I will start my classes on September 3rd, and not to mention being a mom which is my number one priority. As you can see I have lots on my plate and some I didn’t even mention (dare I say it couponing) but it’s manageable if I get myself organize which I will being doing this weekend.

Their one thing, I been debating which is I don’t know if I should include Lil Jomie Creations with this blog or should I make a new blog that only devoted to Lil Jomie Creations….decisions, decisions… I will keep you posted on that as well.

** I can’t believe I almost forgot, if you still would like to ask a question for my friend who is a personal trainer please leave a comment below…you will see you answer on September 3rd (please keep in mind I will place your question for all to see, if you do not want your name with your question, please let me know). **

Thanks for still being here